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With Ukrainian camouflage peeing on the Russian hat: US official Kyle Parker embarrasses Congress

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With Ukrainian camouflage peeing on the Russian hat: US official Kyle Parker embarrasses Congress

The war in Ukraine continues to wreak havoc in US politics. Joe Biden summons the Democratic and Republican leaders of Congress to the White House. The official reason is to avoid a partial shutdown of the federal government starting March 1. The real reason is to exert the last, desperate pressure on the speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, so that he decides to bring the measure to finance Kiev’s army to the chamber. But Congress is grappling with an embarrassing case involving forms of “secret warfare” waged by US officials in Ukraine.

At the center of the scandal, told by New York Timesthere is Kyle Parkeramong the most influential consultants of Helsinki Commission, the body made up of members of Congress that deals with security in Europe and which in recent years has supported the military commitment in favor of Ukraine. Parker seems to have gone a little too far, however, becoming a sort of Kiev agent stationed in Congress. In a series of posts and public readings, the US official explained that he had been to Ukraine seven times since the war began. In the photos taken during these trips, he is seen wearing Kiev camouflage and displaying the symbols of the Ukrainian army. In a post, Parker boasts of “planning the liberation of Luhansk”. In un video, he is seen tearing a Russian military hat to pieces and urinating on it. The congressional official also allegedly purchased weapons for the Ukrainian army for $30,000.

It is no secret to anyone in Washington that the United States has sent its military experts to Ukraine and that the CIA has created at least 12 bases along the Russian border, from which to monitor Moscow’s military operations and exchange intelligence with Kiev – Tuesday Last year, the director of the CIA, William J. Burns, made his tenth and highly secret trip to Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Parker’s case, however, is different. In fact, he is a United States official, in possession of confidential information from the American government which, in the event of arrest by the Russians, could have ended up in the hands of Moscow’s services. Now Parker defends himself. He says he went to Ukraine in a personal capacity, to convince family members to leave the country. But the investigation ordered by the Helsinki Commission reveals his involvement with the Kiev government. Parker faces dismissal and Many in American politics are now wondering how many other US government officials have fought secret, private wars in Ukraine.

Regarding the official war, the last hours show an increasingly decisive pressure from Joe Biden to obtain the coveted funds for Kiev. The president welcomed Mitch McConnell and Mike Johnson for the Republicans, Chuck Schmer and Hakeem Jeffries for the Democrats, to the White House. Johnson, speaker of the House, refuses to bring to the floor the 95 billion dollar measure (of which 60 for Kiev) already voted by the Senate and on which Biden says there is “broad consensus between Democrats and Republicans”. It is likely that his resistance will be softened with concessions from the Democrats on controls on the southern border.

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