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Witnesses to the massacre near Mladenovac | Info

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Witnesses to the massacre near Mladenovac |  Info

Eight witnesses were heard about the massacre near Mladenovac, and some of the wounded who survived the bloody feast were heard.

Source: Kurir/Petar Aleksić/printscreen/social networks

In the investigation of the massacre in Mladenovac, eight witnesses were heard this week at the High Public Prosecutor’s Office. Some of the wounded were heard UB bloody feast survivor (21)and one of the witnesses revealed the behavior of UB before the massacre itself.

According to the information that “Blic” claims to have, the families of the victims were heard, who told the shocking details of the fateful evening. Several wounded were examined, a it is expected that the other injured will be examined soon, when their state of health allows it. One of the girls who was in the yard in the village of Dubona that evening before the massacre saw UB, and in her testimony she revealed how he behaved.

He stopped in front of the school and looked around, then continued to Malo Orašje

“I’ve known him for about a year, he often used to come to the school yard by motorbike, he approached the gathered company and often socialized with the locals”, said the girl. She had no information that there were any problems with him, but as she said, he was hanging out with some people from the village. According to unofficial information, she is noticed UB in a car in Dubona around 10:30 p.m. that May 4. As she said, she noticed that there was something unusual in his behavior, but then she had no idea what UB was planning.

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“I saw when he drove by, he slowed down next to the school yard, looked at me and looked around the school yard, but didn’t answer. He just continued towards Mali Orašje. It’s been a while, huh then I heard shots“, she said. The girl was not in the schoolyard at that fateful moment, when UB returned to Dubona and fired shots, but she heard shots and soon found out what happened. UB then killed five people in Mali Orašje, three in Dubona, and wounded 14 people.

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Kidnapped a taxi driver and read the news about himself

Let us remind you that the taxi driver told the Prosecutor’s Office that on the fateful night received a call from the dispatch service in which he was told that he had a ride to a place near Ub. As he told, while he was driving a passenger, he turned off the highway at the Mali Požarevac toll plaza. “Then, he said, noticed several police vehicles in the opposite lane, and he continued to drive slowly. He was waiting in line at the toll plaza and there were several vehicles in front of him. Around 23.30 at his the vehicle was broken into by a young man holding a bag in his hand,” said a “Blic” source familiar with the case.

According to the interlocutor, UB se addressed the taxi driver with the words: “Drive, I have a bomb”. “The taxi driver told him he had a customer, but UB was there persistent and after he threatened with bombs, the taxi driver realized that he had a bomb. It’s UB sat next to the girl who was already in the vehicle. She was silent, and he addressed her: ‘Look, I have a bomb,'” says the interlocutor.

“It was at one point started to read the news, and the taxi driver then found out that UB’s father works in the Army. The taxi driver also said that his father would be in great trouble. According to the taxi driver, UB said that he would if he is caught, he will be imprisoned for life, or he will be killed or he will take his own life. When they arrived in Vinjište, UB asked the taxi driver for 3,000 dinars because he needed it for food and asked him to promise not to report him”, states the source.

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UB is currently in the Special Prison Hospital, where he is subjected to a psychiatric examination. Shortly after he was arrested, the police also handcuffed his father RB, who was remanded in custody for up to 30 days on Thursday. He is charged with the criminal offense of illegal possession of weapons and distribution of explosive substances. He is suspected of keeping a large amount of weapons and ammunition in the buildings where he lives, as well as the vehicle that his son used during multiple murders in Mali Orašje and Dubona.


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