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Woman Gives Birth in El Salvador International Airport’s Food Court Area

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Title: Woman Gives Birth to Baby in El Salvador International Airport’s Food Court

Date: July 12, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, a woman successfully gave birth to a child in the Food Court area of ​​the El Salvador International Airport. The Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA) confirmed the incident and provided details of the remarkable birth.

The woman, identified as María Antonia Hernández, a resident of Sensuntepeque, received immediate assistance from a medical team stationed at the airport. Dr. Flor Machado, a member of the Airport Medical Unit, attended to the delivery at 7:14 am, as stated in the CEPA reports.

The official Twitter account of CEPA shared the news, highlighting that Dr. Flor Machado played a crucial role in ensuring the safe delivery of Mrs. María Antonia’s child. Following the birth, both the mother and the baby were swiftly transported by SEM132_SV ambulance to the Hospital of Zacatecoluca.

Eyewitness accounts revealed that the woman had arrived at the airport to bid farewell to a loved one. However, she unexpectedly went into labor and rushed to the airport toilets. The Airport Medical Unit (UMA) was promptly informed about the situation.

The Ministry of Health stated that both the mother and newborn were evaluated and deemed stable. They were transferred to the Zacatecoluca National Hospital via the 132 Emergency System ambulance to receive appropriate medical attention. The Ministry assured the public that the necessary medical protocols for extra-hospital births would be implemented for the well-being of both the mother and child.

Authorities also confirmed that the newborn would undergo essential screenings, including cardiac, metabolic, and hearing evaluations, to ensure optimal development and health.

The incident caught the attention of social media users, with the CEPA and Ministry of Health sharing updates on their official Twitter accounts. The Ministry of Health emphasized its commitment to providing comprehensive care for the mother and child in this extraordinary circumstance.

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As the mother and baby continue to receive care at Zacatecoluca National Hospital, the public awaits further updates on their well-being.

This unexpected event serves as a testament to the dedication and efficiency of the medical team present at the El Salvador International Airport, ensuring the safety and welfare of travelers during unprecedented situations.

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