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Works by Pedro Yossef at CASACOR SP 2023 – MONDO MODA

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Works by Pedro Yossef at CASACOR SP 2023 – MONDO MODA

works by Peter Yossef are present in the environment O Reverso do Metaverso by architect Brunete Fraccaroli at CASACOR SP 2023. The design objects were thought to decorate the master bedroom.
The theme chosen by the artist Pedro Yossef was nature, two birds worked in manual modeling made of noble metal with a special silver stainless steel alloy, which was named “Floater”, to float in French. They will be suspended by nylon cables, measuring approximately one meter in width and will be arranged in the main room of the real environment.

Work by Pedro Yossef @ disclosure

Another piece, Le Jardin, is one meter in diameter with stems and flowers on a minimalist base. Coated with a special pearlescent white paint.
Throughout the creation process, Pedro was inspired by the freedom and plasticity of bird movements, with the aim of giving his piece the desired fluidity from all angles with a three-dimensional view.

Work by Pedro Yossef @ disclosure

“I like challenges and this has become one of the biggest, with the extreme restlessness of extracting from a metal considered heavy, the lightness and delicacy of a bird. My desire is to convey to the visitor my trademark of impeccable finishing and how I manage to elevate any and all materials to the noble category”, said Pedro Yossef.

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