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World Human Rights Day, many appointments in Italy and around the world

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World Human Rights Day, many appointments in Italy and around the world

A march for human rights in Iran: and more. It is the one organized by the Radical Party this morning in Rome (appointment at 10 in Piazza delle Repubblica) in support the protest against the Iranian regime, and all peoples harassed by invaders or anti-democratic governments, from Ukraine to Afghanistan. Which will be followed on Sunday 11 at 20.30 by an evening An evening in honor of Iranian women. Tomorrow, at 8.30 pm, the Teatro Franco Parent in Milan, in collaboration with “la Repubblica” and “Linkiesta” is organizing the event “Woman, Life, Freedom. Alongside the Iranian people”. Speeches and testimonies are planned after the screening of the film “Climbing Iran”.

Azar Nafisi: “Iranian women victims of Apartheid. But the regime will fall”

by Maurizio Molinari

Yes because in 2021 – recalls Amnesty International which instead organized an afternoon event at the Maxxi in Rome – “in at least 67 states regulations were promulgated that negatively affected freedom of expression, association and peaceful demonstration while in 85 states it was made excessive or unnecessary use of force to disperse protests”. These are just two of the many events that will be held today in Italy and around the world on the occasion of that World Human Rights Day established by the United Nations in 1950, to commemorate the proclamation by the General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted on 10 December 1948 in Paris. A document that paved the way for many civilian conquests after the war onwards. And also as an ideal background to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, which with the Treaty of Lisbon has assumed the same legal value as the treaties.

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Iran, Mohsen Shekari executed: who is the first protester sentenced to death after his arrest for protests

by the Foreign editorial staff

Guarantee of basic and universal concepts such as freedom and equality, but also of individual rights. Still inspiring benefits such as the parenthood certificate just proposed by the EU Commission to prevent discrimination against the children of same-sex couples within the European Union, which will thus broaden the rights of rainbow couples, favoring their recognition in the Member States. Or the law approved yesterday in Portugal which decriminalizes euthanasia by establishing non-punishment if the decision is made by a “serious, free and lucid person in a situation of great suffering”. And also, on the other side of the ocean, the Respect for Marriage Act which is the bipartisan rule to block gay marriage for fear that the Supreme Court with a conservative majority could annul it: “A crucial step to ensure that all Americans have the right to marry who they love”, defined the president Joe Biden.

Iran, protesters hit in the face, breasts and genitals with bullets fired by the police: the report of the doctors

by Anna Lombardi

Defense of fundamental rights, on which in Italy, we fall behind. The sudden end of the legislature has in fact invalidated bills that have not been approved as lo “Law School” which had landed in the Chamber supported by Pd, M5S and part of Forza Italia and aimed to recognize Italian citizenship to young migrants born in Italy or arrived before the age of 12 who had attended at least 5 years of school in our country. And then the law on the end of life also requested by the Consulta which now the M5s and Pd have returned to present – with two distinct proposals – to the Chamber and the Senate. Without forgetting that DDL Zan which asked to tighten the penalties against homobitransphobic crimes, sunk in the Senate with the help of Italia Viva. All rules to which the current majority is hostile.

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