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Xbox announces plans for the future and reassures fans about exclusives and Game Pass

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Xbox announces plans for the future and reassures fans about exclusives and Game Pass

Xbox has finally released the video di Business Update on the future of Xbox, and the situation seems much reduced compared to what the latest crazy rumors implied. First, some great news: Activision Blizzard’s first game, Diablo IV, is coming to Game Pass on March 28.

Phil Spencer also announced that Four Xbox games are coming to other consoles: Microsoft isn’t ready to reveal the list yet, but Spencer confirmed that it’s not Starfield or Indiana Jonesnor other leading titles like these: it will be about games released on Xbox for at least a year, two of which are GaaS stocks which will benefit from a greater installed base (and we imagine that one will be the rumored one Sea of Thieves), While two are “hidden gems”small games that you want to make known to a wider audience (according to rumors, these could be Repentance e Hi-Fi Rush).

But beyond that, nothing else will change in Xbox policies. Phil Spencer, Matt Booty and Sarah Bond stated that there will be no substantial changes in the Xbox exclusives policy e Game Pass will continue to be available only on Xbox consoles – it was also confirmed that the service has reached i 34 million subscribers.

The three managers also wanted to underline the following points:

The biggest games in the world will be on Xbox
Xbox games will continue to arrive on Game Pass on Day 1
Hardware is a foundational element of Xbox, and there is robust and innovative multi-year hardware planning. There is a “unique” hardware on the wayand also the next Xbox he will see is already being planned the biggest leap in hardware power ever seen in a change of generation.
Game library compatibility remains a priority, and this includes cross-play, cross-save, and robust cloud capabilities
Xbox will continue to help game creators find the biggest audiences possible

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And that’s all about the dreaded update: many will be waiting for the announcement of the four games that will arrive on other platforms, but we prefer to wait for the announcement of the many other games that will arrive on Xbox and in Game Pass.

MX Video – Xbox Series X | S

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