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Xie Fuliang: Chinese tea has successfully applied for world heritage, and “six minefields” must be avoided! – Brand Viewpoint- Brand Alliance Network

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According to the WeChat public account of Xinhua News Agency: “On the evening of November 29th, Beijing time, the ‘Traditional Chinese tea-making techniques and related customs’ declared by my country were held in Rabat, Morocco at the first meeting of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It passed the review at the 17th regular session and was included in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.”

The report also pointed out: “Traditional Chinese tea-making techniques and related customs are knowledge, skills and practices related to tea garden management, tea picking, tea hand-making, and tea drinking and sharing.”

This is a great event, and the tea merchants and tea people in Moments are reposting it. At the same time, we must avoid the “six minefields” in tea ceremony and tea marketing.

Minefield 1: Violating common sense and common sense

To understand the “tea ceremony”, one must first understand the “way”. What is “Tao”?

There are also ten thousand answers to this question. There is “Tao” in “Book of Changes”, “Tao Te Ching” and “Analects of Confucius”, “Tao” in “Old Testament” and “New Testament”, and “Tao” in “Diamond Sutra” and “Six Patriarch Altar Sutra”. There is a “Tao”, so I will not answer it here, and leave it to you to solve it yourself.

However, what is certain is that “the way is not far from people”, and what violates common sense and common sense must not be the “way”, at least not the “right way”. Taking tea as an example, if you want to talk about “tea ceremony”, you must have the most basic common sense, such as politeness in dealing with people, excellence in research knowledge, and unreliable talk, etc. If you don’t have this kind of common sense, how can you talk about “tea ceremony” ?

I have met some “big figures” or “well-known figures” in the tea industry, who talked a lot about how tea can cultivate one’s morality and morality, but in fact, it was just talk, but the real quality was disappointing, so I can’t go into details; Some people give speeches in public, full of loopholes but eloquent; for another example, some people who are dubbed tea people accuse each other but act in front of others, etc., people don’t know whether they have a “bottom line”. No matter how beautiful the tea ceremony these people talk about, they are all “pseudo-tea ceremony”!

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Minefield 2: Mere formalities, inconsistent words and deeds

“Tao” must restrain behavior or guide behavior. To be reflected in behavior, it must be down-to-earth, able to “walk” and “land”, such as mutual respect, keeping promises, repaying kindness, and being honest with each other. Wait. If the “tea ceremony” we talk about is just some formalism, inconsistent words and deeds, and self-contradictory, what is the use of such a “way”?

For example, the tea ceremony pays attention to “beauty”, not just referring to the beauty of the brewing process, but to ask whether the “beauty” is shoddy? Is it “beautiful” if the pesticide residue exceeds the standard? Is it “beautiful” to deceive people into collecting and exaggerating financial functions? Is it “beautiful” to apply fertilizers indiscriminately? Is it “beautiful” to use outrageous prices? Is the new tea beautiful? Is the forged “vintage tea” beautiful? Only some tea merchants and tea farmers make money or make huge profits. answer.

Minefield 3: Out of tea, out of life

The tea ceremony should at least first “tell the tea”, “tell the various flavors of tea”, “tell the tea’s gentle breeze and rain, “tell the past and present of the tea and Zichou Yinmao”, rather than “daoxuan”, that is, we must base ourselves on tea Jump out of tea again, and look at “tea” from a suitable height, instead of completely abandoning “tea” and talking about “Tao”. Is it meaningful to talk about “tea ceremony” without “tea”? If so, it is better to go directly to Study metaphysics or philosophy!

In other words, drinking tea is mainly a way of life, and the tea ceremony should serve people, even if you just use a glass cup to make tea, it is a different way of life from cola coffee, so the tea ceremony should grasp the core of “life” instead of making tea. Under the guise, aiming at “business“. If we are not careful, we will see the “mercenary” behind some “tea”.

Profit from selling tea is a must, but it must be a “incidental result”! Especially, now that we have entered the era of mobile Internet, all brand marketing must be “confidential”, and all business must have user thinking, return to common sense, return to The essence is to pay attention to the relationship between people and help each other improve their lives, so that there will be a more beautiful tea ceremony and a longer-lasting business.

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Minefield 4: The wrong “flattery” will make it harder and harder

“Who” is deciding the future of the tea industry? Ordinary consumers!

The development of the tea industry depends on ordinary consumers, rather than everyone rushing to the high-end crowd and the high-end market, just like Coca-Cola, which costs two or three yuan a bottle, but no tea company can match its annual sales.

Only when more and more consumers drink tea that suits them, can the tea industry have a real future. Although milk tea is very popular, if it cannot really solve health problems, milk tea will eventually hurt the tea industry.

 Minefield five: uneven quality and unstable foundation

In any case, it must be understood that tea quality is the root of the tea industry.

Also, many people are saying that the homogenization of the quality of the tea industry is irresponsible and misleading consumers. If you don’t believe me, just get him some tea and see if he dares to insist on drinking it!

Please note that the quality of tea leaves is uneven, and the difference is too great. As long as you make more comparisons, you can mostly see the “flaws” of some tea leaves, from planting, picking, processing to preservation.

In today’s tea industry, the output of tea has increased, but the quality must follow suit. The tea that helps people’s health cannot become the tea that makes people sick.

Minefield 6: eager for quick success, too ambitious

Don’t rush to make quick money or big money. Tea finance is like a government agency. It cannot be used as the “backbone” of the tea industry. Otherwise, it will inevitably affect the quality of tea, harm consumers, and ultimately harm the tea merchants themselves and the entire tea industry. .

To develop an industry, tea branding and sales must be solidified step by step. From tea planting, tea processing, brand strategy to sales, there are problems in every link, and we must seek truth from facts and think carefully to find a better solution, instead of just copying what others say and building a car behind closed doors.

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By the way, think about it, what is an expert? An expert is not a symbol! Only those who are willing to bend down, be open-minded, soak the scene, use their brains, reflect on themselves, put their hearts into tea, and serve tea drinkers wholeheartedly can become real expert.

There are many experts in China‘s tea industry, large and small, even more than well-known brands. However, it goes without saying that from planting to sales, what the tea industry lacks is such people who are strategically positioned and down-to-earth.

Now, the application of Chinese tea as a World Heritage Site has been successful, and there is another piece of good news for the Chinese tea industry. As long as you grasp the essence with your heart, do it in a down-to-earth manner, improve the quality and strengthen the brand, the problem will not be very complicated.

Bless the Chinese tea industry!

About the author: Xie Fuliang, a well-known brand expert, Chinese culture expert, and authoritative instructor of tea brand marketing, “China Brand” magazine reported that “White Tea Marrying a Concubine” planned by him was “the first case of tea brand”, and Malaysia’s “United Daily News” called it ” The first person in China’s tea brand planning”.

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