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YB against Lausanne-Sport: Ticker for the Super League game

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YB against Lausanne-Sport: Ticker for the Super League game

– After a weak performance: YB is defeated by Lausanne

Published: March 17, 2024, 4:15 p.m. Updated 6 hours ago

The Bernese disappointed against Lausanne-Sport both offensively and defensively.

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott (Keystone)

With a furious start, the Young Boys raised high expectations at the beginning, but in the end they had to clearly admit defeat against a strong Lausanne Sport team. Offensively, YB remained largely harmless throughout the game – and also missed a few things defensively.

With a consistent counterattack, the Lausanne team repeatedly put YB in trouble. The result is fouls and mistakes from Bern. After half an hour, Monteiro started the deficit with an unnecessary foul in the penalty area – Sène converted the penalty. And just four minutes later, Dussenne doubled the lead from a free kick to make it 2-0.

In the second half, the Bernese lacked a significant reaction and Lausanne-Sport’s victory was never in serious danger. So the current league leaders can thank Lucerne. The 2-2 draw against Servette means that the Genevans are only level on points and will not be able to take top position from the Bernese.

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Nothing more comes from YB, in the last seconds Sanches fails from the best position to Von Ballmoos. Horisberger immediately blows his whistle. YB loses 0-2 against Lausanne and is now level on points with Servette.

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Thanks for sharing the excitement. A short summary follows here.

At least four minutes should be replayed. Lausanne continues to press, the second from bottom in the league confidently plays down their lead.

YB with a total of 61% ball possession – and 0% creativity. The Bernese keep trying with the otherwise dangerous long balls, but they find no takers. Today, little or nothing works in terms of play. The guests are probably further away from a connecting goal than Lausanne was at 3-0.

This free kick is emblematic of all Bernese attacks in the game. Four people from Lausanne are ready to intercept the flank, but there is no sign of a Bernese nearby.

Almost more comes from the people of Lausanne. Mvuka can only stop an advance with a foul, and Von Ballmoos has to intervene again for the subsequent free kick.

Again just a hint of danger from the Bernese. After a corner, the ball lands in front of Ganvoula, who completely misses the goal with his shot from the turn.

YB tries to be playful and has more possession of the ball – but that doesn’t show at all in the shots on goal. In this statistic, Lausanne leads 7:1.

YB makes the last two changes, Lakomy and Ganovula come on for Lauper and Itten.

Next advance from Lausanne, Poaty circles the ball wide to Labeau’s head, but goalie Von Ballmoos is there and defused.

As if he were inspired by Camara, Niasse also starts pushing a Lausanne man around. But he also sees yellow.

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The young Pafundi goalscorer Sène is substituted. Kablan and Labeau will take over for the last quarter of an hour.

11,278 spectators are watching the game at the Stadium de la Tuilière today – a record! Lausanne celebrates this with the next graduation. Sanches breaks away, shoots – and Von Ballmoos directs the tricky shot around the post

Good news for YB off the pitch: Lucerne has now equalized against Servette. There it is 2:2.

Sène falls a little too quickly – and then something pulls Camara onto her feet very roughly. The two clash and push each other, but goalie Von Ballmoos intervenes before things escalate further. They both see yellow and move on.

Substitute Mvuka appears for the first time. The lightning-fast striker breaks away from the LS defenders and ultimately fails because of the rushing Letica.

And immediately afterwards Lausanne also changed for the first time. Diabaté and Rrudhani have had their day, Ilie and Sanches are now on the pitch.

Next change for the Bernese. Mvuka and Colley come in for Elia and Males. Will they bring the desired change to the Bernese game?

Hard work from Itten and Niasse against Custodio in midfield. The two are immediately summoned to referee Horisberger and given a verbal warning.


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