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Yeferson Cossio sued Westcol for libel: did he win the case?

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Yeferson Cossio sued Westcol for libel: did he win the case?

Through his social networks, Yeferson Cossio informed his more than 11 million followers that he launched several lawsuits against fellow influencers for “slander.” The one that caught the most attention of Internet users was against Westcol, known boyfriend of Aída Victoria Merlano, with whom Cossio was also previously involved.

“I started suing everyone,” Cossio said in the video and condemned the “miserable beings” who, according to him, are on social networks speaking badly about other people to gain views. He pointed out that his lawyers insisted on suing him, but he preferred to remain silent and not broach the subject.

Although Yeferson Cossio thought this way, he recently decided to sue all the people who have publicly accused him of being a “swindler” and who have thereby damaged his “good name.” In the video he does not mention Westcol, but shows a document in which you can read that the lawsuit was against that streamer.

Yeferson Cossio assured that in this case he won the right to petition and guardianship, so he assured that the person he sued will have to “publicly apologize” for stating on his social networks that Cossio is a “scamster.”

In the document presented by Yeferson Cossio, the name of Luis Villa, known on social networks as Westcol, can be read and it is established that he must “rectify the information disseminated in relation to Mr. Yeferson Esteban Cossio Castaño, through a live broadcast to through your personal Kick profile.

The influencer added that “he has to refrain from that stupidity, because one cannot say that someone launders money or scams because it harms that person’s good name.”

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For its part, Westcol spoke out on its social networks about the issue. The influencer, who is currently in Miami, pointed out that he has had a difficult week due to different controversies and that added to that “people and influencers have united against me to sue me.”

He added that “I have never in my life promoted a pyramid, a crypto or something related to a scam and I will never do it. I am not going to talk about that, the lawyers are the ones who are going to act, that is nonsense.” , but how lazy.”

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