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[Yokogawa’s point of view]The CCP calls itself the Manchu Qing?Xi Jinping misjudged again | Hua Chunying | Pelosi visits Taiwan

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[Yokogawa’s point of view]The CCP calls itself the Manchu Qing?Xi Jinping misjudged again | Hua Chunying | Pelosi visits Taiwan

[Epoch Times, August 5, 2022]Hello, viewers, I am Yokogawa, and welcome to the “Yokogawa Viewpoint” channel, Thursday, August 4th.

Today’s focus: Hua Chunying criticizes the statement of the G7 foreign ministers, why is she so obsessed with the Eight-Power Allied Forces; Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan broke China‘s right to speak, will the CCP retaliate against Taiwan? Did Xi Jinping misjudge Pelosi?

Hua Chunying criticized the statement of the G7 foreign ministers that the Eight-Power Allied Forces themselves belong to the Qing Dynasty?

After the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, China immediately conducted military exercises around Taiwan. In this regard, the foreign ministers of the G7 member countries issued a joint statement, pointing out that they are concerned about the CCP’s live-fire military exercises and economic coercion after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which endangers the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. The statement called on the CCP not to unilaterally use force to change the status quo. The G7 did not change its policy toward Taiwan, and called on all parties to be calm to avoid misjudgment. This statement is actually very pragmatic and neutral, with a rather soft tone. Of course, the CCP is in a state of agitation right now.

In response to the statement of the G7 foreign ministers, Hua Chunying denounced the G7 at a regular press conference today (4th) for “living in the era of the Eight-Power Allied Forces”. “Criticized him as “bad and shameless”.

But how I see the CCP is more like what the Manchu Qing did 120 years ago. Under the education and propaganda of the CCP, the Eight-Power Allied Forces seems to be a symbol of the imperialist powers’ aggression and carve-up of China. However, after further investigation, it is found that the purpose of the Eight-Power Allied Forces entering Beijing is not to occupy more land or further carve up China, but to protect the expatriates. In need of protection, the Empress Dowager Cixi used the Boxers to kill foreigners and religious people, and even kill diplomats.

Of course, some people would say that the foreigners in China were aggression. At that time, China was weak and could not compete with the West, which led to the ceding of land and indemnity. This is a fact, but specific events still need to be analyzed in detail. Otherwise, what is the purpose of studying history? Why would a regime use civil violence groups to indiscriminately kill innocent people?

Today, China and the world are very different from 120 years ago. China has no foreign troops stationed alone. Hong Kong has not only been handed over to China, but has become one country, one system. There is also a comparison between using the little pink wolf to be anti-American and anti-Japanese, and the Manchus using the Boxer Regiment. The G7 foreign minister’s statement has nothing to do with the Eight-Power Allied Forces. Is the G7 planning to invade Beijing or something?

I also found that the Eight-Power Allied Forces did not start now. It was mentioned once in March this year, in response to the Five Eyes Alliance’s concern about human rights in Xinjiang. It seems that Hua Chunying is a little narcissistic about this analogy.

A sample of how the CCP stealthily swaps concepts

The CCP steals the concept and the right to speak. I would like to analyze how the CCP secretly changed the concept based on Hua Chunying’s speech at the press conference, which relates to the significance of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Hua Chunying made 4 points, of which the third point is, “The one-China principle has only one version and one meaning, that is, there is only one China in the world, Taiwan is a part of China, and the People’s Republic of China is the only legal government representing the whole of China. She emphasized that this was clearly stipulated in the resolution passed by the 26th United Nations General Assembly in 1971, and it is the basic norm of international relations.

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This is not actually the case. The Chinese version of Resolution 2758 of the 26th UNGA describes it this way: “Recognizing that the representatives of the Government of the People’s Republic of China are the only legitimate representatives of China in the United Nations Organization, … decides to restore all the rights of the People’s Republic of China, recognizes The representative of its government is the sole legitimate representative of China in the United Nations Organization and immediately expels Chiang Kai-shek from the seat he illegally occupies in the United Nations Organization and all its organs.”

In fact, it means that the CCP will replace the Republic of China‘s seat in the United Nations. How can there be a “Taiwan is a part of China” here? It doesn’t even make sense!

In the end, Hua Chunying also said, “If the brain is still stuck more than 100 years ago, there will be problems.” I think many people will immediately think that the CCP’s brain today is indeed stuck more than 100 years ago, and there must be serious problems. I still admire the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China. The words he said satirize himself, but he was able to calm down as if he was talking about others.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan breaks the CCP’s right to define Taiwan independence

However, from the reaction of the CCP, we can see that an important result of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is that the United States has effectively broken the CCP’s right to speak on the issue of China. Several years ago, I mentioned that on the Taiwan Strait issue, Western countries handed over the right to speak to the CCP, and let the CCP draw the line. In recent years, the United States led the way and finally realized this. Relations Act, the Three Joint Communiqués and the Six Assurances’ own definitions.

This time, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan broke the CCP’s definition of supporting Taiwan, which means supporting Taiwan independence, and paved the way for congressional and even government leaders of the United States and other countries to visit Taiwan. Credit for this first breakthrough must be given to the President of the Czech Senate. He was the one who made the first breakthrough. However, the breakthrough of the United States is also very important. After all, most countries in the world and the CCP have followed the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China, referring to the “three joint communiques”. The breakthrough of what the United States can do under the one-China framework will have implications for other countries.

Military exercises around the island and clarification of several concepts, the CCP does not need excuses

In terms of scope, the round-the-island military exercise exceeded any previous one, as well as the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis. 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles were launched, 5 of which fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone, triggering protests from Japan.

The consequence of the military exercise was to disrupt the normal world, but the military exercise ended quickly. After the missile was launched, it was announced that since the missile accurately hit the target, the entire live-fire training mission had been successfully completed, and the relevant sea and airspace control was lifted. It seems that the exercise scheduled for 4 days ended on the 4th. It seems to be done in a hurry to perform the task.

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But there are consequences. In addition to the international community’s perception that the CCP is overbearing, it is a stimulus to Japan, and Japan has begun to tend to help defend Taiwan and amend the constitution. The CCP’s missile launch has played a role in promoting it. As for some people saying that the CCP will normalize military exercises against Taiwan, the CCP does not have such strength at present, whether it is economic or military, if it has strength, there is no need for excuses.

Including some people saying that Pelosi left Taiwan and was suppressed by the CCP in retaliation. The CCP has harassed Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone many times before and crossed the middle line of the strait. At that time, Pelosi hadn’t brought up Taiwan. Does the CCP need an excuse to escalate its military harassment against Taiwan? Even more absurd, there are pro-Communist people in Taiwan who claim that the Taiwan Strait is an internal affair of the Chinese people and does not require the participation of the United States. The Chinese can sit down and have a good discussion.

The United States also has such a saying that the CCP may have something to talk about externally, but it has never had a good talk internally, not even a talk. Which group in China did it talk to after 1949? Did you talk to Tibet in 1957? Have you talked to Hong Kong since 1997? To talk is to talk about which position the other party is kneeling in and which position is surrendering. Look at Hong Kong today, not only the Hong Kong authorities and Chief Executive Li Jiachao have to make a statement, but all members of the Legislative Council must issue a statement condemning Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and even the tone must be consistent with the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The CCP takes hostages again in diplomacy

After Pelosi left Taiwan, Yang Zhiyuan, the leader of the Taiwan National Party, was detained by the CCP. This seems to have become the CCP’s routine. When major incidents occur, the CCP kidnaps each other’s nationals as hostages. This is also a practice that keeps pace with the times. In the early days, it was kidnapping its own citizens. That was when the MFN treatment was reviewed once a year. Before the review, the CCP would release one or two imprisoned democrats abroad in exchange for MFN treatment. It can take many people hostage.

After joining the WTO, it was no longer necessary. When Meng Wanzhou was detained, the hostages were transferred to Westerners. In fact, it has long been no news that Taiwanese were kidnapped by the CCP as hostages. I also admire some Taiwanese who risked being detained. The danger of being a hostage went one after another to the mainland. Since Taiwan independence is advocated, why go to the mainland? The case is logically suspicious. And economic sanctions will not be discussed, because the weaponization of trade has always been a characteristic of the CCP.

Xi Jinping once again misjudged intelligence and decision-making and why

Most of the above reactions were announced after Pelosi landed in Taiwan, and some were implemented after Pelosi left. It shows that at the last minute, the CCP also hoped that Pelosi would not go to Taiwan.

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I think Xi Jinping also made a serious misjudgment against Pelosi this time, especially before Pelosi arrived in Taiwan with a very high profile. Of course, this may be related to the CCP’s judgment that the Biden administration is weak. Indeed, the CCP did not dare to take this risk during the Trump (Trump) era.

Because the tune is too high, I can’t step down, as is happening now, and the CCP is not unaware of this. At the August 1st reception of the Ministry of National Defense, Defense Minister Wei Fenghe did not mention Taiwan at all, but wished the Chinese military and all countries in the world. Military friendship lasts forever.

But the dip came too late. This proves once again that if there is a serious problem with the CCP’s intelligence and intelligence analysis, if the real information is not easily transmitted to decision makers under the totalitarian regime, or if the decision-making process is basically a head-scratcher. This kind of misjudgment of intelligence and decision-making is not the first time, and it has become the norm.

In terms of military alone, this is also a major weakness of the CCP’s military. It generally underestimates the enemy and overestimates itself. Moreover, this military deployment in the Taiwan Strait also reflects the rigidity of the CCP’s command system. Not only can it not be compared with the US military, but also with the Taiwan military. not on.

In order to condemn Pelosi’s endorsement, only eight countries are chasing Mao’s era of isolation and isolation

In the end, there is helplessness. On the issue of bullying Taiwan, he showed almost a handful of friends during the Cultural Revolution. CCTV reported that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was condemned by many governments. The result is which countries? Russia, Pakistan, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine, Nicaragua, Cambodia. Out of nearly 200 countries in the world (193 full members of the United Nations), only 8 countries can be found to endorse the CCP, which is too bad.

Look at what countries they are, they are all lonely, and they are all miserable. One thing to note is that the gangs that the CCP has engaged in over the years that are separated from the post-war international order are not included. There is no SCO except for Russia, only Russia in the BRICS, and not a single country in Africa. Going back to the Mao era, after Mao and the Soviet Union quarreled, there were only Pakistan, North Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Albania, Tanzania, Zambia, or a dozen or so countries.

However, at least 90% of the 193 member states of the United Nations recognize the People’s Republic of China diplomatically. It is not easy for a regime that wants to give directions to the world and a principle that it considers to be so important, but only 8 countries support it. Yes, at least the vast majority of countries, including those with close ties to the CCP, do not believe that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is a violation of China.

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