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You can make good money from growing sweet potatoes Info

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You can make good money from growing sweet potatoes  Info

You can make good money from the production of these vegetables.

Izvor: MONDO/Samir Cacan/Youtube/bigtractorpower

Sweet potato, or sweet potato, is a perennial tropical plant from the slak family. Although they are similar in name, this food has nothing to do with potatoes, it just resembles a potato and can be white, purple and orange. Although the sweet potato originates from Central and South America, it is also widespread on other continents. The analysis of experts from agricultural faculties from a few years ago showed that the production of sweet potatoes, which is mostly reserved for tropical regions, would be profitable in the Balkans, that is, in Serbia, where it is increasingly common.

Given that this plant was not widely known in our country those who were among the first to engage in cultivation claim that this plant can earn up to 10,000 euros per hectare. The price of this sweet potato in stores and larger markets it goes up to 330 dinars per kilogram, and growers state that the most popular orange sweet potato in our country.

Dry days are increasing in our region during the summer months, and that is in favor of the bata. Planting begins in June, and experts state that it can withstand up to 50 degrees Celsius, while on the other hand it does not like icy days. Sweet potatoes are popular because they are resistant to pests, and means for their protection are almost never used.

Experts recently explained that the sweet potato is removed when the root reaches more than 150 grams, and this weight can be expected up to four months after planting. It is harvested from August to October, and the sign of maturity is the white juice that oozes from the plant. The media write that one plant gives up to three kilograms of roots and that in commercial production the yield can be from 20 to 50 tons per hectare. Sweet potato leaves, which are also edible, can be harvested several times a year.

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It should also be emphasized that the investments here are huge. To start this business, you will need from 6,000 to 8,000 euros, the media write!

(MONDO/Better country)

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