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Youth and alcohol ~ LET’S DARE!

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Youth and alcohol ~ LET’S DARE!

In this audio, I draw attention to a phenomenon which is growing increasingly among young people in high schools and colleges in the city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso; alcohol dependence. This state of affairs has serious consequences on their academic studies but also on mental and physical health.

Today, under our skies, youth, in general, rhymes with excess of all kinds, the consumption of alcohol being at the forefront.

In front of certain primary and secondary establishments, maquis, bistros, drinking establishments and alcohol kiosks are established on the street. It has become almost usual to see a student, before entering class, take their can of alcohol, quickly, with the complicity or unconsciousness of the manager: girls and boys are affected by this new phenomenon in behavior but growing at an incredible speed.

Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, a toxic mix!

The consequences of such acts are that we have an increasingly carefree youth, addicted to strong alcohols whose blood alcohol content varies between 10 to 20%.

And as alcohol often flirts with cigarettes, or even drugs, it is not uncommon to see our children, returning from school with eyes reddened by these harmful substances, ready to conquer the world. However, when the effects disappear and they regain a certain lucidity, the euphoria fades and the major projects fall into oblivion.

It is therefore more than important that radical measures are taken so that our young people realize that they are in complete decline and that changes in behavior are necessary because alcohol consumption has become a public health problem.

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What can we do to change the situation?

To overcome this, strong actions are more than necessary as well as education and awareness.

I remember in 2005 when the national police went out to hunt down these “maquisard minors”. A large-scale operation which at the time bore fruit and which deserves to be renewed, without qualms, because the future of our youth is at stake. The legislation is there and prohibits the attendance of these places and the consumption of alcohol for those under 18 years of age. Unfortunately this law is not respected by everyone.

In this fight, parents must not give up and get involved again and again despite the difficulties.

On the side of secondary establishments, both public and private, those primarily responsible must all be united, namely: being strict, zero tolerance, when faced with students within establishments who are intoxicated. We must provide them with specialists who could gradually help them free themselves from their addictions which have various causes.

As for young people themselves who are the most concerned, they must be made aware, through various channels, of the harmful, medium and long-term consequences of alcohol consumption. Electroshocks are needed to create this trigger for change.

I wish for a world where African youth are aware of their cultural wealth, where they are proud of their roots, their history and above all where knowledge of their past and their experiences leads them to take liberating acts of all forms of slavery. And for that, she must be lucid.

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