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Željko Raljić at the head of GO SDS Banjaluka | Info

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Željko Raljić at the head of GO SDS Banjaluka |  Info

Željko Raljić was elected tonight as the new president of the SDS Banjaluka City Committee. He received the support of 103 assembly delegates, while 70 delegates voted for his opponent, Slavko Grbić.

Source: SDS press release

At tonight’s assembly of the SDS Banjaluka city organization, a new City Committee of 93 members was elected, as well as delegates for the republican assembly of the Serbian Democratic Party and five members of the future Main Committee of the SDS.

In his speech after the assembly, Raljić thanked all the delegates who participated in today’s elections for him, as well as his opponent, Slavko Grbić.

“I want to thank all the delegates who elected me. It was very difficult to fight for more votes. We have many tasks ahead of us in which we need to lead the SDS Banjaluka City Committee on the right path. Among them, the first one that follows us is to welcome the mayor Bijeljina’s Ljubiša Petrović as befits who comes to Banjaluka on which day,” concluded Raljić.

Željko Raljić has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and currently holds the position of technical director of the Banja Luka Waterworks.

Dr. Milan Miličević, acting president of the Serbian Democratic Party, also attended the session.


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