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Željko Samardžić on Dragana Mirković | Entertainment

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Željko Samardžić on Dragana Mirković |  Entertainment

Željko Samardžić revealed what role Dragana Mirković played in his career.

Source: ATA Images/Marija Mladjen

Singer Željko Samardžić was this week’s guest of the show “Side by Side with Dragan – Warm Up”. During his guest appearance, he touched on his beginnings, and his arrival in Belgrade from Mostar with his family.

“When I still came to these parts as a stranger, with the refugee labelwith his three daughters and my wife Maja, there was great uncertainty about what would happen. Actually I had only one wish, to survive and to provide my children with the basics. I worked very hard, I sang in famous Belgrade bars, and somehow I drew people’s attention to me. From the moment I felt that Belgrade embraced me, that I really have a lot of friends in Belgrade, that they are glad that I am here, I decided not to go anywhere,” said the singer.

As the singer himself stated, his great success was also influenced by Dragana Mirković. “Among other things, there was one situation when I was singing in the restaurant ‘Ambassador’, with a wonderful and dear man whose name was Rale, his nickname was Cvećan. He was a very good man and he respected what I was doing. For this reason, and invited me to be in his bar, which was very popular at the time. It happened by chance that, while I was singing, there were many famous people, actors, singers from Bata Stojković to football players, singers. Dragana Mirković was one of them. That was our first meeting.” said the singer and added:

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“I sang song after song, huh she was delighted and praised me, she liked it a lot. It was like any other night for me. I am glad to have met Dragana Mirković. But I never for one moment hoped that I would after a few weeks read your name in the newspaper. While she was giving the interview, she said that she has one man who is special, who is a very talented singer, and she wished me luck. And she said “I am convinced that this man will succeed, he is so charismatic, so gentle.“Dragana loves people. She is that kind of person. Love is given for love. You have to give in order to receive. That’s how it is in life. I can simply say, as I said the other night at a concert in Zagreb, I was a guest of that to the young, wonderful Prijovićka. I consider her my soul sister. And I think the same about Draganathat she really is my soul sister.”

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03:15 “I HAD ONE WISH, TO SURVIVE, AND THEN I MET DRAGANA MIRKOVIĆ!” Željko Samardžić spoke for Kurir about his beginnings Source: Kurir televizija

Source: Kurir television


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