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Zendaya in Mugler’s cyber dress is the definitive sci-fi heroine

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Zendaya in Mugler’s cyber dress is the definitive sci-fi heroine

At the London premiere of Dune – Parte dueZendaya shows off a spectacular cyber dress created by Mugler in 1995. And she steals (again) the scene on the red carpet

Zendaya strikes again (and the reference to the second chapter of the original saga of Star Wars it is absolutely desired). After the amazing looks she showed off during the various stages of the promotional tour for Dune – Parte due – just mention Alaïa’s sculptural spiral dress at the Parisian photo call – there was great anticipation regarding the outfit she would wear for the London premiere of the film, an event which, moreover, took place on the eve of the dedicated London Fashion Week to autumn winter 2024 2025 (16-20 February). And, thanks to the genius of her stylist Law Roach, the man for whom the expression “image architect” was coined, Zendaya did not disappoint expectations, making sure that on the red carpet in Leicester Square all the spotlights were on focused on her and, we add, making the presence of the other cast members almost superfluous in the eyes of the international press, which seems to be less and less interested in cinema as such compared to the glam that surrounds it.

Make way for the new fembot

Undoubtedly, it was one of the most surprising and evocative fashion moments of the new year. Zendaya – freshly named co-chair of the 2024 Met Gala – appeared on the red carpet in an archive Mugler look that couldn’t have been more appropriate for the presentation of a sci-fi film: full armor alternating with shimmering surfaces metallic and transparencies, giving the actress the appearance of a “gynoid” (the female version of an android) both sexy and irresistibly glam. Needless to say, within minutes of her arrival on the scene, the image of Zendaya in a cyber dress by Mugler was all over Instagram feeds.

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From the left. Zendaya at the London premiere of Dune – Parte due and the German model Nadja Auermann with the original “cyborg dress” presented at the Mugler Haute Couture autumn winter 1995 1996 fashion show.

That memorable 1995 show

But what is the origin of the robotic look sported by the star of Euphoria? It is, we were saying, a vintage outfit, which appeared for the first time at the Mugler Haute Couture autumn winter 1995 1996 fashion show. Held in Paris at the Cirque d’Hiver, this show also had the aim of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the brand founded by Manfred Thierry Mugler and it was a spectacular event, with five top models (Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss, Karen Mulder and Naomi Campbell) on the catwalk, alternating with porn stars and well-known names such as the Hitcockian diva Tippi Hedren and the infamous actress -mugger Patty Hearst, without forgetting James Brown’s live performance (yes, he also had some trouble with the law). It was also the show that saw the debut of some of Mugler’s most iconic looks, including the shell dress inspired by Botticelli’s Venus that Cardi B. would propose again at the 2019 edition of the Grammys.

The model Nadja Auermann with a “gynoid” dress at the Mugler Haute Couture autumn winter 1995 1996 fashion show.

Vogue Runway

The finale of the Mugler Haute Couture autumn winter 1995 1996 fashion show.

Vogue Runway

Thierry Mugler’s “gynoid” dresses

The parade was a masterclass in those who Vogue USA defined “the aerodynamic Mugler models cut with a scalpel”. The culminating moment was the entrance on the scene of the German model Nadja Auermann with a cyber dress in chrome and plexiglass co-designed with the aeronautical bodywork specialist Jean-Pierre Delcros and inspired by the work of the Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama (the original on the catwalk also included a helmet, which Zendaya and Law felt it was best to omit for the premiere of Dune – Parte due). Known as “gynoids” and immortalized by Helmut Newton in a feature for the November 1995 issue of the American edition Voguethese dresses remain emblematic of Mugler’s aesthetic and, over the decades, have influenced designers such as Alexander McQueen and Nicolas Ghesquière.

The promotional tour for Barbie It may have generated some boredom with costume-inspired red carpet looks, but when it comes to Zendaya and Law Roach… well, the effect is still intoxicating. Like the spice from the planet Dune, which changes flavor with every taste.

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