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Zenica miners are still on strike | Info

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Zenica miners are still on strike |  Info

The President of the “Zenica” Brown Coal Mine Union, Elvedin Avdić, said that the miners have not yet received their April salary or ended the workers’ disobedience, although the Public Company “Elektroprivreda BiH” has approved funds for the payment of all blocked funds.

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Avdić adds that the workers refuse to resume production without wages, which they interrupted in the second shift on May 25.

“The workers will not even hear that they are resuming production until their accounts have the salary for April, the allowance for a hot meal and the remaining part of the March salary, which was suspended on our payrolls for the repayment of loan installments. People have also received another war, many people’s accounts are also blocked. It’s just lucky that they have monthly tickets and can come and report to work regularly,” Avdić pointed out.

The director of the brown coal mine “Zenica” Mensur Hukić says that he appealed to the Union and the miners to resume production, but that he was unsuccessful.

According to him, the money was secured, but the banks failed to implement more than 300 orders, so the company’s account has not yet been unblocked, federal media reports.

“It is a big job and it is certain that it will not be finished today, and we will see when it will be finished next week as well. I asked for production to be resumed, because we have money to pay the salary and all due obligations, but the workers did not agree,” he added. Hukić.

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