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Zhejiang sets off a tide of “thousands of groups and enterprises” and “going out to sea”

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Original title: Zhejiang set off a tide of “thousands of enterprises” and “going to sea”

On December 4, 2022, Zhejiang Province officially launched the “Thousands of Groups and Thousands of Enterprises to Expand the Market and Grab Orders”. On the same day, an order grabbing team composed of relevant persons in charge of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce and other provincial departments and business representatives drove to the airport to start a 6-day European tour. This is the first group led by the Zhejiang Provincial Commerce Department to “go to sea” to grab orders. In the future, Zhejiang Province will also organize more than 10,000 enterprises to participate in economic and trade activities abroad through chartered flights, shared flights, and flights.

A meeting is worth a thousand emails. Visit new and old customers, participate in well-known exhibitions, investigate local business associations and business enterprises… For Chinese companies, “going overseas” not only brings back “real money” orders, but also has new news, new ideas and insights into the future. New plans for development. Many interviewed companies said that the “going overseas” business group not only demonstrated the government’s determination to stabilize foreign trade, promote cooperation, and promote opening up, but also strengthened the confidence of enterprises to promote production, stabilize growth, and win the future.

Overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang, all over the world, not only actively participate in the “going to sea” group, but also play the role of matchmaker, providing thoughtful services for the “going to sea” business group.

Grab orders and expand market

On December 6, 2022, Zheng Xuhan, chairman of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Germany, welcomed a group of special guests in the office building of Sino-German Import and Export Trading Company in Cologne. They are the main representatives of the starting lineup of the “thousands of enterprises to expand the market and grab orders” organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Government. Germany is the second stop of their 6-day European tour.

After an open and honest interview, the delegation and the German Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce negotiated a cooperation intention. “Seeing that the Zhejiang provincial government is so pragmatic and courageous, we are very happy in the heart of overseas Chinese businessmen from Zhejiang in Germany!” Xiangyin, I feel very cordial.”

During this trip, the delegation visited the headquarters of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the largest business organization in Germany, and became the first Chinese provincial business delegation to visit Germany. The sensation caused by the delegation in Germany and Europe far exceeded Zheng Xuhan’s expectation. “Before and after the delegation’s visit, many friends from overseas Chinese businessmen from all over the world and some local companies in Europe have successively consulted me about the situation of the delegation and communicated their cooperation intentions. I hope that our chamber of commerce can serve as a bridge for cooperation between them and Chinese enterprises in the future.”

“If we went abroad as a company in the past, we would not have visited so many chambers of commerce, let alone such high-level chambers of commerce. After meeting, we were like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for many years, and our relationship quickly became close. .” Fei Zhongfu, chairman of Jiaxing Ruili Home Textile Co., Ltd., was deeply touched when he was interviewed by a number of local media.

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On July 10, 2022, the first market-expanding business round-trip charter flight MU7101 organized by the Ningbo business department carried the first batch of 36 foreign traders to Europe, starting a 12-day itinerary. Ding Yandong, general manager of Ningbo Remax Door and Window Fittings Co., Ltd., was on this flight.

“The government’s chartered flight was too timely! At that time, I was also trying to find a way to go out and have a look!” Taking a “boat” and “going to sea”, Ding Yandong realized his wish to explore overseas markets for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic. From Hungary to Poland to Italy, he carried a 30-kilogram sample, visited 7 places, met with 7 customers, and brought back an order of 2 million euros. More than 4 months later, he followed the “Hundred Groups, Thousands of Enterprises and Thousands of People” organized by the Ningbo Municipal Department of Commerce to expand the market and promote the first group to promote cooperation and seek business opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.

Business still needs to be discussed face-to-face! Seeing it on the ground, I am very inspired!” As a foreign trader with 15 years of experience, Ding Yandong saw the market changes immediately: “Some customers have upgraded production equipment and expanded production scale; Customers are becoming more price sensitive. We need to adjust to these changes.”

Chartered flights “going to sea” to grab orders have achieved remarkable results. According to statistics from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, as of mid-December last year, the Zhejiang “going to sea” group took 29 business charter flights, and went to and from 34 regular routes. A total of more than 1,780 people “going to sea” brought back import and export contracts and intentions exceeding US$2.6 billion. contract.

Talk about cooperation and friendship

For Ding Yandong, the two overseas trips in 2022 will not only bring him new orders, but also valuable cooperation.

When participating in the five major industry exhibitions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ding Yandong was quite excited when he saw a customer from the United Arab Emirates take out a well-preserved “2019 edition” quotation, “I haven’t seen you in three years, and I didn’t expect to get such a reward.” Sincere cooperation.” Although the product price has increased by 15% compared to 2019 due to energy prices and raw material updates in the past three years, Ding Yandong hastily signed a cooperation agreement based on the 2019 price.

“Snatching orders” grabs the market and opportunities. For many foreign trade companies, the “window period” and “opportunity period” of foreign trade are rare. In addition to borrowing “ships” to “go to sea”, they must also take the initiative to attack.

Zhou Weifeng, chairman of Zhejiang Aolai Electric Co., Ltd. and president of Qingtian County European and American Scholars Association, has been engaged in foreign trade for more than 20 years and has been paying attention to domestic and foreign trends. When he learned that the biennial Frankfurt International Lighting and Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, he took the initiative to rush to participate in the exhibition, “It is difficult to expand the international market without going out.”

It was at this exhibition that Zhou Weifeng met an old Portuguese customer, and the two communicated through emails before. “We have never met each other in these years of cooperation. This time it is like meeting old friends. It is both strange and familiar.” Zhou Weifeng said, “We have had zero complaints in the past 10 years of cooperation. This Portuguese customer gave a high evaluation of Aolai Electric’s products and services. At the exhibition site, we also reached an intention to expand cooperation.” During the two months in Europe, Zhou Weifeng participated in three exhibitions. During this period, he also traveled to Austria, the United Kingdom, France and other countries, visited old friends, met new customers, and brought back hundreds of millions of orders at once.

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In Zhou Weifeng’s eyes, accurately grasping the pulse of the international market through “going to sea” is as important as getting a real order. Compared with the situation of negotiating abroad before the epidemic, Zhou Weifeng clearly felt that the demand for products in the international market was changing, and small-batch customization had gradually become the mainstream. “Next, we will deeply expand the categories of raw materials, and the production details will also be adjusted accordingly.”

Some people go out to grab orders, expand markets, and let China‘s foreign trade entities go out; some people go out to make big purchases and buy them back, bringing in high-quality products from overseas.

“We haven’t seen each other in 3 years, and the suppliers have become more enthusiastic!” Recently, in Qingtian County, Mao Yanwei, the president of Spain’s Spanish-Chinese Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Association and chairman of Atore Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd., is still docking several foreign trade orders . These orders are all imported goods, which he purchased in Europe last month.

“We can’t wait! We must make up for the three years lost by the epidemic as soon as possible!” As a Spanish Chinese businessman, Mao Yanwei returned to his hometown to invest and start a business in 2015. Now his company’s wine agents have spread across most provinces in China. With the continuous optimization of China‘s epidemic prevention and control measures, Mao Yanwei saw the positive signal of the steady release of residents’ consumption demand and decided to take action decisively. In the previous month, he visited various red wine producing areas and ham manufacturers in France, Italy and Spain: “Many suppliers came to our door and recommended their own products. Therefore, I met many new friends and reached some new cooperations .”

Seize new opportunities and promote opening up

In 2022, there will be a large-scale “going overseas” order grabbing operation in various parts of Zhejiang, which will not only open up business opportunities for “going overseas” for all walks of life, but also release a positive signal of “stabilizing orders and increasing confidence”. In 2023, standing at a new starting point, all parts of Zhejiang will strike while the iron is hot, give full play to the advantages of a large overseas Chinese province, and vow to regain the “lost three years” of foreign trade with the spirit of not waiting for others.

Schedules have already been drawn up in some places.

The Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced that in the first quarter of 2023, Wenzhou plans to promote 236 foreign trade companies in the city to participate in more than 30 various exhibitions abroad. The exhibitions will be held in 16 countries including Italy, the United States, Germany, and India, spanning shoe , clothing, glasses and other 15 industries.

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Hangzhou is vigorously promoting the implementation of “Double Hundreds and Double Thousands Foreign Trade Market Expansion”. In 2023, more than 150 groups will be organized to participate in more than 100 professional exhibitions; more than 3,000 companies will go abroad to explore the international market, and strive to achieve new foreign trade orders every year 100 billion yuan.

Ningbo City has launched the “hundreds of groups, thousands of enterprises and thousands of people” market expansion and promotion campaign. Taking April 2023 as a phased node, through government-enterprise linkage, we will strive to organize more than 100 overseas market expansion groups, more than 1,000 enterprises, There are more than 10,000 people going abroad, striving to realize new foreign trade orders of 10 billion US dollars, adding an overseas warehouse area of ​​200,000 square meters, actually using 4 billion US dollars of foreign capital, and signing a number of Sino-foreign free trade zone strategic cooperation agreements. Up to now, Ningbo has arranged 263 groups for “expanding the market and promoting attraction”.

New starting point, new opportunity. Backed by the vast Chinese market and facing the great enthusiasm of overseas businessmen, Zhejiang merchants are gearing up and preparing to do a big job.

March to Germany, April to Australia, September to Chile and Mexico, October to France… In 2023, Ding Yandong will travel around the world most of the time. “We need to participate in more international exhibitions, meet more customers, and work harder.” Talking about the New Year’s plan, Ding Yandong said: “As a nationally certified high-tech enterprise, we will purchase more advanced automation equipment from all over the world to continuously improve Technological innovation and manufacturing level.”

Zhou Weifeng is also mentally prepared for the busy work in 2023. “On the one hand, through practical cooperation projects, more high-quality Chinese products will be introduced to the global market; Jingtexin’s small and medium-sized enterprises landed in Qingtian and drove the economic development of their hometown.” To this end, Zhou Weifeng listed two key points for his work: “One is to increase investment, strengthen the company’s platform construction, and speed up the construction of factories and other infrastructure; It is to speed up product development and contribute to maintaining the stability of the supply chain.”

“Although there are still many uncertainties in the world economy, the development trend of foreign trade business is stable and quality will not change. New attempts have given us new confidence.” Mao Yanwei said that now, governments at all levels in Zhejiang Province are encouraging companies to travel , Passport renewal, visa and other procedures for entry and exit are becoming more and more convenient and fast. This “going to sea” has made enterprises realize that only by going out early, fast, and more, and seizing the window period of overseas economic recovery and traditional exhibition peak season, can they win the initiative, cultivate new opportunities in the crisis, and open a new game in the changing situation . (Reporter Jia Pingfan

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