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ZTE vince il 5G Transport Vendor

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ZTE vince il 5G Transport Vendor

ZTE received the prestigious recognition of “5G Transport Vendor” durante GOOD&5G Transport 2023. This recognition confirms ZTE’s highly regarded capabilities in providing optical network solutions and 5G transport products.

L’NGON&5G Transport is a unique industry event focused on optics and represents a platform where the entire supply chain converges and gathers information from all market players.

I premi DELICIOUS&5G Transport celebrate the year’s most important achievements and innovations last year in the optical transport and 5G sectors. The selection of the winners was entrusted to a jury composed of the main operators, esteemed analysts and journalists from all over the world.

ZTE was chosen primarily for its industry-leading 5G optical network solution. To begin with, he launched the industry’s first Real 400G solutionwhich allows for transportation Ultra Long Haul based on 400G QPSK @C6THz+L6THz in existing network. This innovative solution not only greatly extends the transmission distance, but also doubles the system capacity, effectively providing ample bandwidth for 5G services.

Secondly, thanks to the simplified network architecture and OXC, ZTE is able to gain access one-hop and meet ultra-low latency requirements critical to latency-sensitive 5G services, such as telemedicine. Furthermore, thanks to artificial intelligence, big data analysis and an SDN management and control system, ZTE is able to distribute services end-to-end in a few minutes and allow it slicing of the network of different granularities based on the λ/ODU/OSU/VC/packetensuring transportation flexible for various 5G services.

Furthermore, ZTE’s solution incorporates an innovative timestamp label which significantly improves the accuracy of individual devices to meet the high accuracy requirements in 5G service scenarios.

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To date, ZTE has successfully implemented its 5G optical network solution on a large scale around the world. A significant example is the collaboration with Turkcell, with which it jointly created the first Optical Transport Network (OTN) industry commercial in Bursa in June 2022. This state-of-the-art network supports 12THz ultra-wide frequency spectrum, dramatically improving bandwidth capacity in Turkey. As a result, Turkcell subscribers can now access high-speed Internet.

“This award recognizes our excellence in the field of 5G optical transport and encourages us to continue researching and promoting further future development of networks” he has declared Wang Taili, Optical Transport General Manager di ZTE.

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