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21 on-site | Insulin national centralized procurement quotation ends in the afternoon, the opening of domestic companies may exceed expectations | Insulin | Tonghua Dongbao_Sina.com

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Original title: 21 on-site | Insulin national centralized procurement quotation ends in the afternoon

21st Century Business Herald reporter Ji Yuanyuan reports from Shanghai On November 26, the sixth batch of nationally-organized centralized drug procurement (insulin special projects), which the industry has attracted attention, officially opened bids in Shanghai. The national organization’s procurement of varieties mainly for the second and third generation insulins, a total of more than 80 products, involving Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, Sanofi, Tonghua Dongbao, Tianmai Bio, Ganli Pharmaceutical, Zhuhai United Laboratories , Yuheng Pharmaceutical, Wanbang Biochemical, Dongyang Sunshine and Hisun Pharmaceutical and more than 10 enterprises.

Insulin special national centralized procurement site 21st Century Business Herald reporter Ji Yuanyuan/photo

A reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald found that the central procurement site not only brought together many representatives of insulin companies, but also attracted third-party logistics, industry analysts and other parties including China Resources.

The capital market reacted positively to this centralized procurement. In the morning of November 26, Yifan Pharmaceutical’s daily limit, Tonghua Dongbao rose by more than 3%, and Ganli Pharmaceutical rose by more than 4%.

At 8:30 in the morning, there is still half an hour before the company submits the materials. Each pharmaceutical company sends a representative to enter the infield to submit the materials with the bidding materials. Representatives who pass the materials will get an admission ticket. At 10 o’clock, the deadline for submission of materials, the gate of the venue is closed.

After submitting the information at 9:50 in the morning, Leng Chunsheng, chairman of Tonghua Dongbao, said: I have been looking forward to the collection of insulin for a long time, “Finally, there will be results in the afternoon!”

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A reporter from the 21st Century Business Herald learned at the site of the special insulin project that Ganli Pharmaceutical has also become a big winner. According to on-site news, in the bidding of the basal insulin analog group, the specifications of insulin glargine injection 3ml: 300 units were quoted: Ganli Pharmaceuticals 48.71 yuan; Sanofi 69 yuan; Tonghua East 77.98 yuan; United Laboratories 66.97 yuan. The price of insulin glargine is 132 yuan/piece. All four companies won the bid.

People at the scene said that the domestically produced performance exceeded expectations. After insulin aspart fell below 30%, market sales could increase by 3-4 times. When insulin glargine drops below 50%, domestic production will become a big winner, which also indicates that the rise of domestic insulin companies is prominent.

Many representatives of capital institutions were also more optimistic about Ganli Pharmaceutical and Tonghua Dongbao. Some people at the scene said that centralized procurement is a stock competition, and it is necessary to let the stock manufacturers surrender their shares to the new manufacturers.

According to public information, insulin can be divided into 4 generations according to its source: animal insulin, recombinant human insulin, insulin analogues and ultra-long-acting insulin. Participants and off-site observers believed that the two major varieties that need to be paid the most attention this time are insulin aspart and insulin glargine.

Among the two major products, the three products that have received much attention are Hisun Pharmaceutical’s insulin aspart (listed on September 13, 2021), Tonghua Dongbao’s insulin aspart (listed on October 20, 2021), Insulin glargine (October 28, 2021) from Dongyang Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in this centralized procurement.

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“The biggest focus of this centralized insulin procurement is not that companies grab shares, but the biggest significance is whether it can promote changes in insulin treatment patterns.” The above-mentioned person at the scene said.

The field of diabetes treatment has always been the “army battlefield” of traditional pharmaceutical companies. In insulin treatment, foreign pharmaceutical companies have an early start and a good family background, occupying the high-end dosage form market for a long time. As the technology and funds of Chinese pharmaceutical companies are gradually being put in place , And began to exert efforts in the second and third generation of insulin products. With the opening of the bid for the centralized procurement of insulin, on-site participants believe that the domestic insulin competition pattern is expected to usher in a wave of adjustments.

(Author: Ji Yuanyuan Editor: Xu Xu)


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