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Exclusive interview with CCTV|Central American Parliament Speaker Serud: The one-China principle is the universal consensus of the international community

Seroud, Speaker of the Central American Parliament who is visiting China, recently accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Central Radio and Television. In response to the recent resolution passed by the Central American Parliament to cancel the so-called “permanent observer” status of Taiwan’s legislative body and admit the National People’s Congress of China as a permanent observer in the parliament, Serud said that the one-China principle is the general consensus of the international community. The Central American Parliament This decision is inevitable.

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:We feel the general trend. On the one hand, the vast majority of our member states have established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China; on the other hand, as we all know, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution (No. 2758) in 1971. We cannot lag behind the general consensus of the international community. Currently, more than 180 countries have recognized and supported the one-China principle.

Headquarters reporter Yin Yue:Some U.S. congressmen called the Central American parliament’s decision a “crippling attack on democracy.” What do you think of such remarks?

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:In a multipolar world, when it comes to international relations, there is no doubt that it is up to the people of each country to decide who to cooperate with in order to achieve the goal of bringing better development opportunities to their people. This is neither a deliberate attempt to undermine anyone’s interests nor an attack on democracy.

“Establishing diplomatic relations with China is the direction of diplomatic development.”

The Central American Parliament is a parliamentary institution within the framework of the Central American Integration System. It was established on October 28, 1991 and includes six Central American countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Dominica. The vast majority of member states of the Central American Parliament have established or resumed diplomatic relations with China in recent years. Serud believes that cooperation with China creates greater space for the future development of the region.

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:From an economic and business perspective, China is the epicenter of global growth and connections with China will help our development.

“China’s development benefits Latin America”

Serud said in an exclusive interview that China’s development has brought many opportunities to Latin America. He also appreciated the Chinese culture and the enterprising spirit of the Chinese people.

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:I would like to emphasize once again my gratitude to the government and people of the People’s Republic of China. I am deeply impressed by the development that the Chinese people have achieved in recent years. The Chinese nation is an industrious nation that continues to develop and progress. This is undisputed globally. We Latin Americans see China as a place full of opportunities.

Headquarters reporter Yin Yue:You have visited China many times. Judging from your previous visits to China, does each visit leave a different impression on you?

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:Yes, I do feel that way. Since 2019, I have visited China three times. Although we didn’t stay long in Shanghai and Beijing, we saw the development of China. We also believe that our bilateral relationship can provide better opportunities for Central America.

“Chinese culture has far-reaching influence”

Serud is from Panama. He said that although Panama and China are separated by vast oceans, the two peoples are not strangers to each other.

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:Chinese cultural elements are integrated into all aspects of Panama, including education, cognition, food and culture, etc. In Panama, Chinese restaurants are mainstream. In other words, we have merged together.

The Panamanian government will list the Chinese Spring Festival as a national holiday in Panama in 2021. Serud expressed his blessings for the upcoming Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.

Speaker of the Central American Parliament Serud:We would like to congratulate the Chinese people for their continuous progress through unremitting efforts, especially the rapid development that the Chinese people have achieved by focusing on excellent traditional culture. This is also part of Chinese civilization. Chinese culture inspires the people’s enterprising spirit and self-transcendence.

Producer|Pan Linhua Xie Lizhi

Producer|Wang Jia

Planning|Zhao Xiaojie

Reporter|Yin Yue

Editor|Yang Sitong Zhang Hongchi

Photography|Liu Ming Chen Qi

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