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After experiencing the first big update of Windows 11 I think they owe designers salary… – Windows 11

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After experiencing the first big update of Windows 11 I think they owe designers salary… – Windows 11

Just a few days ago, Microsoft rolled out the first major update of its annual Windows 11: 22H2.

What new functions have been added to it, and what have been criticized?

Tony also made a little summary, and I just took everyone to see it today.

For your convenience, we will refer to this update as Windows 11 below. 22H2the previous version of Windows 11 was called 21H2

* Weird update?

First of all I’m going to share two “shocked” updates from you.

This time, Windows 11 supports us to drag the icon of the program directly to the taskbar to start it quickly!

Files can also be opened in other software by dragging them from the taskbar.

See if this is very advanced!

Ah yes, it is such a simple function, obviously in the past Windows 10 has ready-made solutions, but these are completely true in Windows 11 in the past year…

Microsoft, really have you.

In addition, the start menu finally has the function of creating a folder, and now we can directly drag a few software over to automatically form a new folder.

You can also give this folder a name.

But there is one thing to say, Tony felt that it was convenient to use this function to create folders, but every time he wanted to add or reduce software shortcuts, he had to go. long press – drag awayThe set that does not support batch selection.

It’s fine if you’re using a mouse, but the touchpad is a pure torture and inconvenient.

I thought about it, wouldn’t it be beautiful to add an editing mode that is very common on our mobile phones?

Microsoft is making money!

The style of the start menu is also more diverse and will support more layout arrangementchoose.

In addition, the menu that pops up by default after pressing the win + x key is also more functional, and the option of “installed programs” has been added.

It will be more convenient for us to view/uninstall which software has been installed.

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On top of our common shutdown three brothers, there is a new thing called “login option”.

can help us open Login options

Although this is just a small optimization, Tony found a bug after testing it:

Only when you hang “Settings” in the background, you can directly open the “Login Options” setting content interface.

On the contrary, you can only open the settings, and will not automatically jump to the “Login Options”… I can only say that I hope Microsoft will fix it later.

* Nice update:

But there is one thing to say, in addition to these “why haven’t you updated” feature iterations.

Windows 11 22H2 version has done a lot Appearance updateof.

The overall art style has become more unified, as if Microsoft bought a lot of acrylic boards, but there is nowhere to put them…

Now when we press alt + tab to switch software, a transparent acrylic plate will be used to wrap the application you open instead of the background completely invisible as before.

Windows 11 22H2 ▼

Windows 11 22H1 ▼

What’s interesting is that when you press win + tab, the logic is reversed. The 22H2 version will add an acrylic mask to the back of these software, which was not available in the past versions…

Windows 11 22H2 ▼

Windows 11 22H1 ▼

Do you think Microsoft thinks at this time… that revealing our wallpaper at this time will affect our ability to find the tabs we want to open? So I added this layer of frosted glass.

I can’t guess anyway.

In addition, the new volume setting has also become more in line with the art style of the system. It is no longer the big black box of Windows 8 before, but reset to a more Soft slender strips.

Windows 11 22H2 ▼

Windows 11 22H1 ▼

You can also adjust the volume with the mouse wheel directly on the volume icon.

Bluetooth pairing can be performed directly on the Bluetooth setting interface, eliminating the need to open the settings again.

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In addition, the appearance of the Task Manager has also been repainted.

To look good is to look better…but at what cost?

If it weren’t for Tony’s understanding of the task manager, he could use it with muscle memory from the past so many years…

Who knows what these icons are? ? ?

This is always the time when you have to admire Microsoft, Where it does not speak human words, it has always been silent.

Just like the right-click after Windows 11 update, it took a long time to find where to copy and paste the most basic one when you first used it.

That’s right, the top thing is the paste,

No text description▼

For the sake of beauty, a lot of things are hidden, and some cumbersome functions can only be seen through secondary expansion.

The expanded icon UI is very different from the original Windows 11…

The style of painting suddenly changed back ▼

These old problems… I don’t know that Microsoft can only get rid of them in the year of the monkey.

However, aside from these changes that Tony didn’t like, Tony liked the changes to the window division this time.

We can quickly adjust the window partition by dragging and dropping with the mouse, which is more detailed and fast.

You can also open the magnet layout with win + z as in the past.

Windows 11 22H1 ▼

And 22H2 goes a step further and supports fast partitioning through numeric keys after win + z.

Windows 11 22H2 ▼

Since you choose to control the keyboard with your left hand, you have to implement it to the end.

* How to upgrade?

In addition to what Tony shared above, this 22H2 version actually brings a lot of updates to the details.

Such as support for real-time subtitles, as well as newly designed do not disturb mode and focus mode, file explorer support to display file previews inside folders, more gamer-friendly HDR calibration and VRR (variable refresh rate), etc… …

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These Tonys will not go into too much detail. If you are interested, you can also choose to download and experience it yourself.

In fact, now Microsoft has been promoting the major update of Windows 11 step by step. If your device meets the update requirements of Windows 11, you may receive an update push in a few days, and you can automatically update with one click.

But if you want to experience it sooner, you can download the Windows 11 installation Assistant to manually update it.

Or download the full Windows 11 and do a manual reinstall. I posted the page in the original text.

But… Here Tony has to remind everyone:

The new system has risks, so be careful when upgrading! ! !

A few days after 22H2 was launched, many netizens posted on the Microsoft community claiming that after updating to the new version of 22H2, they had bugs, CPU usage problems, and game frame rates plummeted.

But only for Nvidia graphics cards.

And Lao Huang has already pushed a patch to fix ▼

Some time ago, Microsoft also fixed a bug involving Group Policy, which affected the scope from Windows 8.1 all the way to the latest Windows 11 22H2.

Then I thought of the rotten bug of deleting the user’s Onedrive file after the system update that Microsoft made a few years ago.

Tony can only say that you need to be cautious when trying early adopters.

Anyway, I’m suggesting… if you don’t like the UI of Windows 11, you might as well continue to use Windows 10.

It’s not as fancy, but at least it’s less error-prone.

Ah yes, after the Windows 11 22H2 version update this time, it will be when you log in for the first time. Force users to connect to the Internet + log in to a Microsoft accountyou can’t make do with an offline account as before.

It’s just… Microsoft, you don’t learn bad things, right?

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