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Chairman Wu Rongzhao urges netizens: Do not deify Hongxing Erkewei “on the verge of bankruptcy”-People-cnBeta.COM

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In response to questions on the Internet about 50 million donations, a few days ago, Hongxing Erke Chairman Wu Rongzhao responded in a video saying, “Please don’t deify Hongxing Erke, we are just one of the ordinary entrepreneurs in the new era.I hope everyone can focus on the scene of the disaster and pay more attention to our frontline disaster relief personnel. “

Wu Rongzhao asked the netizens,We must consume rationally, and at the same time, we urge everyone to avoid causing troubles to their peers, especially the development of domestic brands requires your support and care (video).

Regarding the donated materials, “some of the materials have been sent out, and we will continue to fulfill our donation commitments according to the needs of the two charitable organizations.” Wu Rongzhao said.

Wu Rongzhao also stated on Weibo,Starting from Fujian with meager funds in 2000, Hongxing Erke was formally established. In 2003, there was a flood, half of the equipment and a large amount of raw material assets were flooded, and the factory was struggling. 2008 encountered the financial crisis again, followed by another big fire in 15 years, which burned out half of the production equipment.

Although I have experienced these ups and downs, I have always had the spirit of craftsmanship from beginning to end. In recent years, after active adjustments with the team, certain benefits have been achieved.The transformation process is still very difficult, but it is not “on the verge of bankruptcy” as many netizens ridiculed.

Wu Rongzhao said, I firmly believe that as long as I stay true to my original aspirations, adhere to the industry, and create high-quality products for users with my heart, one day I will be recognized by users. Until recently, the floods in Henan made me feel the same way. With this strength I did, I unexpectedly received a wave of support and care from netizens. I felt flattered and a bit “trapped”. In addition to being grateful, I was still grateful!

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In my heart, I feel the unity and gentleness of the Chinese people more deeply. I believe that with this kind of soil, domestic products will inevitably rise, and China will definitely do it!


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