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Cnel, the Guardia di Finanza arrives on delegation from the Public Prosecutor’s Office

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Cnel, the Guardia di Finanza arrives on delegation from the Public Prosecutor’s Office

Cnel, tightening by the Guardia di Finanza and the Public Prosecutor’s Office on identities “ghost” of the secretaries

Thursday 25 May the Guardia di Finanza has arrived at Cnel by delegation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome, which is investigating public money handouts related to allowances both of the Presidential Secretariat and of the General Secretariat. And on the assignment of tasks, conferred by the former General Secretary Mauro Norimagistrate of the Court of Auditors, currently Head of Cabinet of the Minister of Labour, and by former president Tiziano Treu.

The Guardia di Finanza has heard some people informed of the facts relating to the payment of allowances and assignments.

The Cnel has already leapt to the headlines for the story concerning theassignment of managerial assignment to Alessandra Scalziniwhich would appear in the absence of a public procedure, and subsequently why convicted by the Lazio Tar with sentence of 20 April 2023 n. 6883/23, as it had access to the documents was denied to the Chief Secretariat of the Secretary General Maria Rosaria Ciafrone.

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In fact, the former Head of the Secretariat following the suspension, without any provision, of his economic treatment related to the functions of Head of the Secretariat, functions assigned by the Secretary General Nori with resolutions 550 of 03/07/2022 and 618 of 03/15/2022 , requested with two access requests dated 3 August and 8 August 2022, both a copy of the provisions relating to the non-payment of his salary, and a copy of the provisions with which the allowances are assigned to other Cnel officials at the President’s Secretariat, for the purpose of transparency on an alleged difference in treatment in the awarding of allowances.

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But the Cnel did not reply with regard to the request for the provision to revoke the economic treatment of the Head of the secretariat, and for the other provisions relating to the officials of the presidency secretariat it declared that the officials receiving indemnity are only those who are incardinated in the presidency secretariat and, therefore, to consult the Cnel website. But the website revealed three other subjects assigned to the President’s Secretariat, Andrea Battistoni (area C), Michetti Patrician (area C) e Sori Raffaela (area B) for which both the assignment decisions and the related contracts have not been publishedas for the other subjects. Then, the Head of the Secretariat asked for “a copy of the provisions with which the presidency allowances are attributed to the aforementioned subjects, as they do not appear even on the transparent administration site”.

Even for this request for measures, the Cnel refuses, forcing the Chief Secretariat Maria Rosaria Ciafrone to propose appeal to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. The Lazio Regional Administrative Court with sentence of 20 April 2023 obliges Cnel to produce the requested documentation and, following access to the documents made on 23 May 2022 by the former Head of Aegreteria, assisted by his lawyer, Cnel declared that “no further measures in relation to the non-payment of the remuneration related to the functions of head of the Secretariat”.

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