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Fujia Wang Yuedan: Clean thousands of households and brighten the future of the enterprise_ 东方 Fortune.com

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From vacuum cleaner to sweepingrobot——In the face of consumers’ “laziness”, there are always companies that provide better solutions for them. In the hands of Wang Yuedan, chairman of Fujia, this plan is extremely heavy. It is not only a market demand, but also the company’s future.

“We concentrate on manufacturing smart and clean small home appliances.” In Wang Yuedan’s view, being able to do this well is the greatest wish of Fujia and himself. Continuous improvement is the company’s core business philosophy. In terms of clean small household appliances, Fujia and Wang Yuedan are always thinking and pursuing to provide users with more and more comfortable products.

  Wisdom empowerment of clean home appliances

“We use vacuum cleaners now, no longer need to drag a thread behind.” Wang Yuedan introduced, the history of vacuum cleaners has a long history. At the beginning of the 20th century, vacuum cleaners have been available, but it is only in recent years that Chinese households have begun to popularize vacuum cleaners.Nowadays, vacuum cleaners have ushered in the era of intelligence. With the help of lithiumBatteryWith the application of the vacuum cleaner, the “little tail” of the vacuum cleaner has disappeared, but instead has an “intelligent brain”.

The intelligent cleaning of home appliances is not only about vacuum cleaners.Wang Yuedan introduced, sweeping the floorrobotIs becoming more and more intelligent, and in the future it will become like a cleaning nannyrobot. He said that intelligent competition and core technology competition will become the key areas of clean small household appliances. In addition, Fujia also produces innovative smart home appliances such as electric washing machines and pet feeders.

Smart home appliances must be integrated into the “ecosphere” of smart home appliances. Wang Yuedan said that Fujia shares chose to walk on “two legs”. On the one hand, it actively integrates into the ecosystem of other smart home appliance suppliers, and on the other hand, it is also actively developing related software. In terms of hardware, Fujia aims at the development of sensors, integrated blocks, micro-machines, etc., to achieve the unified development of software and hardware.

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“Many of the people who buy vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots are young people.” Mentioning the development background of cleaning appliances, Wang Yuedan believes that the fast-paced lifestyle and heavy work pressure make more people hope to be liberated from the heavy floor cleaning housework. come out. As cleaning machines, vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots cater to the pain points of market demand and meet the development needs of “lazy economy” and “pet economy”.

“We must not forget the elderly either.” Wang Yuedan said that intelligence is not a “threshold” product that can only be learned by young people. The smart and clean small household appliances produced by Fujia are simplifying applications and pursuing “dumb” operations. , So that more consumers have the opportunity to use. In addition, future sweeping robots will plan the optimal sweeping route according to the actual conditions such as the amount of dust, so as to truly free their hands.

When referring to the competitiveness of Fujia shares in smart home appliances, Wang Yuedan said frankly that the company continues to make efforts in electric motors and maintains a leading position in the industry.MotorThe efficiency of the company can fully reflect the company’s competitiveness in terms of hard power, and at the same time, it can express the low-carbon environmental protection concept of Fujia’s products. In addition, the company also has advantages in molds.

  Made in China social sharing

“We have cooperated with the Shark brand under JS Universal for 17 years. In this process, the company and customers create and grow together.” Wang Yuedan said that Fujia shares focus on R&D and manufacturing, and the downstream customers of the brand. To achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. According to reports,JS Global LifeIt is one of the world’s largest small home appliance companies, and its vacuum cleaner products have a leading position in the world’s largest US market.

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With excellent product R&D and design capabilities and excellent product quality management level, Fujia has become a well-known ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) supplier in the field of clean household appliances. The company is one of the top ten exporters of vacuum cleaners in the country. Its product sales area covers more than 30 countries and regions in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Its customer base includes international famous vacuum cleaner brands such as Shark, Electrolux, and Dyson.

At this stage, Fujia shares are mainly positioned in the ODM field based on industry competition and its own development. In terms of scientific and technological research and development, the company currently has 216 patents, including 209 domestic patents (16 invention patents, 147 utility model patents) and 7 overseas patents.With the help of technological development, the company controls core technologies, strong product development capabilities andMotorThe core technology has enhanced the company’s bargaining power and improved profitability.

“Foreign carpets are more, domestic floor tiles and hard floors are more.” Wang Yuedan explained, according to the needs of different types of consumers, the company has set up different gears when developing products. Fujia shares sees the huge potential and rapid growth of the domestic market,SuporAnd other well-known domestic brand operators to strengthen supply and marketing cooperation.

Good positioning makes Fujia sharesPerformanceThe above reflects better growth. In 2018, 2019, 2020 and the first half of 2021, the company’s domestic sales revenue was 32.651 million yuan, 61.2055 million yuan, 1792620 million yuan and 178,696,400 yuan respectively.

  Three competitions for breakthrough development

“Technology leadership, quality priority, cost competition first.” Regarding the development concept of Fujia shares, Wang Yuedan summarized the competition in three directions. Fortune’s cutting and rolling brush technology fully considers the use scenarios of cleaning small household appliances, and solves the problem of long hairs entangled on the brush and difficult to clean when the floor sweeping brush was used to clean the floor. He revealed that the company has made a lot of patent layouts to pave the way for future product development.

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“Quality is the first priority, and quality issues must give way to all problems.” Wang Yuedan said that various types of enterprises will inevitably encounter quality problems in production. How to manage and control products is very important, and enterprises must strictly abide by integrity. Fulfill the promise of high-quality production.Like a vacuum cleaner, it is smallAppliance industryOne of the products with the most complicated process flow and the most parts involved. Quality problems in any process link will affect the use of the whole machine.

With the advancement of the IPO, the overseas layout of Fujia shares is on the agenda. Wang Yuedan said that in the long run, a globalized market requires a globalized business philosophy and business structure; at the same time, more reasonable costs in places such as Vietnam can help companies achieve cost-saving and efficiency-increasing. In China, Fujia will further upgrade its factories and gradually transform digital factories that can replace labor with machines.

“Software and hardware must be researched and developed.” With regard to the construction of the R&D center, Wang Yuedan said that Fujia will further expand to attract more R&D personnel to participate in this process. Through continuous investment in technology, we will realize “a wealthy life and create good products”. Based on this concept, Fujia will also manufacture more new and good products, clean thousands of households, and polish the future of the company.

(Source: Shanghai Securities News)


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