Home Business “I do not agree to earn 750 euros a month as an engineer”

“I do not agree to earn 750 euros a month as an engineer”

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“I do not agree to earn 750 euros a month as an engineer”

“I refuse to earn 750 euros a month”

An outburst taken on TikTok. A young Genoese engineer, Ornela Casassa, who during a dinner explains why she can’t and won’t accept being underpaid. Received offers from 900 euros gross with VAT, about 750 euros net per month. And upon his refusal, the company decided to increase the offer. “The left must learn this – we hear in the video – that we must never lower the bar”.

Reached by Repubblica, the young woman was amazed at the popularity achieved. And then she upped the ante: “The left should have the rights of workers in its DNA, it should have them among its founding themes. On the evening of the video, at the table, we asked ourselves why the left was losing votes and mine was an answer. The theme of the work for young people is essential, as evidenced by the avalanche of comments I received. Girls and boys reflected in me, I just said, perhaps in a slightly direct way, how things are. It’s not a matter of finding a simple and fast solution. BWe need to change a system: the left shouldn’t have let the bar drop so low”.

Not without a hint of disillusionment: “Many have criticized me: they said I had made a mistake, that they would have immediately found someone else in my place and I had lost my chance. There is great disillusionment among my peers, they think they have value. And there is a lot of fear: that fear which authorizes employers to pay us less and less”.

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