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The third series of Honda HR-V is only hybrid

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Honda has redesigned from top to bottom the HR-V, its flagship crossover that, in the first generation of 1998, with the unique two-door configuration had given a shock to the market. The third series features a brand new design for the Japanese brand and a hybrid engine, the only one available. The new Honda SUV is more compact than the CR-V model with which it shares the full hybrid powertrain marked with the e: HE code.

The lines of the front and rear, as well as the overall proportions, are completely new, while the rear doors with retractable handles give a sporty look.

The HR-V has grown by 5 cm in length, up to 4.30 meters and by two in width to reach 1.79 meters, but the most important innovations are under the hood: the electrified engine: The system is that already introduced in other Honda models and derives directly from that of the Jazz subcompact and is leveraged on a 1,500 cc petrol engine which, operating according to the Atkinson cycle, more suitable for hybridization than the classic Otto cycle, moves the wheels only at a constant average speed -high. The four-cylinder heat engine drives a generator that charges the battery placed in the trunk or directly powers the electric motor.

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The petrol engine is thus operated in the best conditions in terms of consumption on average of 5.4 l / 100 km and average CO2 emissions of 122 g / km. But you also do without the gearbox, since the car always starts in electric. To cope with the heavier weight of about 150 kg more than the Jazz and a more unfavorable aerodynamics since the HR-V is higher and wider, the power of the 1,500 cc has been increased from 98 to 107 hp, but also the electric motor goes from 109 to 131 hp and the battery from 0.86 to 1.08 kWh.

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The new platform also made it possible to improve the habitability and comfort on board without increasing the external dimensions. The style of the passenger compartment focuses more on practicality and elegance. The linear dashboard includes a clear digital dashboard. The dual-zone climate control controls, which are managed with two knobs at the end of the dashboard, are appreciable because they are intuitive and quick to operate. The multimedia system is efficient, with a responsive 9-inch display, the navigator and Apple CarPlay systems with wireless connection and Android Auto as standard for all versions.

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