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Bella Hadid took her boyfriend for a walk at fashion week, but I fell in love with her short top

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Bella Hadid took her boyfriend for a walk at fashion week, but I fell in love with her short top

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Original title: What to wear next week

Let’s just say, who doesn’t love hot babe.

In the middle of the fashion week, Bella Hadid’s whole body is in such a good condition that she can twist and be very hot, who can resist?

Although Bella Hadid did not have many appearances in this season’s fashion week, once she appeared on the show, it was a beautiful existence. The capable girl on the Tod’s show, the beautiful Medusa on the Versace show, the coquettish bride on the Off-White show…




Bella has also opened and closed many times, which shows everyone’s recognition of her business ability.

▲Fendi opens and closes

▲Coperni collar

Not only that, Bella’s makeup photos in the backstage of the show are directly comparable to commercials, and I can see COCO crazy~

From New York to Milan to Paris, Beibei, who has started the model worker mode in fashion week, has collected high-quality street shots in just a few weeks. Different from previous seasons, Bella’s fashion week street shoot this season was accompanied by her boyfriend Marc Kalman. The two of them sprinkled sugar on the street from time to time. They are really a beautiful pair.

On the street, boyfriends always stand behind Bella in casual clothes, like a little bodyguard; or they wear clothes similar to Bella’s style and are willing to be a “small accessory”, I have to say that it is good for others. day of love weeping.

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Among them, what is even more sultry is this seemingly not very easy to learn clothes.

In recent years, Bella’s position relative to “fried chicken” Kendall and Gigi is still relatively clear. High cheekbones, concave cheeks, aquiline nose and slightly downturned mouth corners make her very popular in the fashion circle.

Now she looks like a retro beauty in the 1990s. She is also leaning in this direction when shooting blockbusters, walking on the stage, and dressing. The effect is still very good.

From Gentle Women Style to sexy and playful hot girl style, who said that you don’t want to learn this full of age sense? ? ? If you want to play time travel and become fashionable with Bella, it is feasible to grab these little tricks.

Bella’s keywords this season: leather jackets, short tops, the same color, handbags, Vintage accessories, with these items, you can also become a retro beauty!

Whimsical Leather Jacket

Want to wear Bella’s signature style – cool words in the first place. Ms. Bella even wore leather clothes in the street shooting of this season’s fashion week, including motorcycle models, suit pants, short models, and ultra-short models.

COCO suggests that girls with short body can directly buy short leather jackets this spring to change their cute and sweet image and become a fashionable girl who can be salty or sweet.

After getting tired of wearing the basic black leather jacket, Bella also picked a colorful style leather jacket. This style of single product is very suitable for the skin tone, highlights the vitality, and is also very suitable for the upcoming energetic early spring.

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short top

“Old man’s vest” was used wisely by her, with “programmer shirt” + high-waisted trousers and shorts, which visually elongated the legs more than a little bit! Or use a scarf to embellish a short top, and use the color block to create a strong retro charm.

Sports-style clothing is still short, whether it is matched with skirts or trousers, it has its own distinct dressing attitude.

same color

An important part of Bella’s fashion guidelines is color uniformity. No matter how fancy a single product is, there is always a main color, then other single products will be developed around this color, presenting a harmonious and advanced visual sense.

At the same time, the material can be changed more, the collision of leather, plush and cotton makes the whole look more brilliant.

small handbag

In order to implement her retro dressing style, Bella is also very attentive when choosing handbags, among which the crescent bag is the most popular. As the name suggests, it is named because it has a bag shape like a crescent moon, which looks novel and retro.

The square handbag + retro silhouette is unspeakably casual and handsome.


Children’s playful accessories are also a must-have item for Bella to add her own retro look. Narrow-brimmed sunglasses have never left her face, brown, blue; wide-brimmed, frameless; square, round… All in all, as long as they are narrow enough, they can be extraordinarily retro!

Bella, who has strong facial features, also likes to use gorgeous gold earrings to match her daily clothes. The large gold round earrings are embellished on both sides of the cheeks.

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Gold earrings embellished with pearls and gemstones are classic and exaggerated accessories that can bring a simple look to life with just a small one.

There is also a lot of drama on the hair. There is no need to say much about the familiar headbands and “children” hair ropes. The hot girls all over the world have to buy this little decoration to be called “fashionable”.

  ▌Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili

  Price: 5950 RMB


  Price: 2609 RMB


  Price: 1990 RMB


  Price: 2500 RMB

  ▌By Far

  Price: 3910 RMB

Bella Hadid, who has sweet love, seems to have more attitude in dressing! Did her planting grass hit you right?

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