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David Bowie: the images of the White Duke at the PAN in Naples

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David Bowie: the images of the White Duke at the PAN in Naples

At the PAN in Naples an exhibition that tells the Isolar Tour undertaken in the middle of the 70s through 60 photographs. A cathartic “on the road” journey, which took place by sea and by land. In those years Bowie didn’t like to take planes, but perhaps more probably it was also a symbolic metaphor of change; in which the contour of Ziggy Stardust would have completely vanished to give space to the overbearing allure in all its elegance of the Thin White Duke.

Isolar Tour

Andrew Kent one of the most important photographers on the music scene follows Bowie with his lens during the Isolar Tour to promote Station to Station, one of the most influential albums in the history of music. Genesis of The Thin White Duke and the Isolar Tour

Isolar Tour is the story in images of the tour and the recording of the Station to Station album in which the fragmented path appears in a totally introspective dimension from which Bowie’s “changing identity” fully emerges, expressed above all by the controversial alter ego of Bowie Thin White Duke.

The photographs are in black and white

The character is associated with the darkest period of the artist who experienced considerable drug use in those years. The photographs are in black and white, especially the images of the exhibitions have blurred edges capable of fully rendering the state of mind of the artist at that moment. The Thin White Duke is an elusive creature, projected into itself. Impervious to the world yet totally receptive. At the same time Black Hole and Chrysalis. Shortly thereafter Bowie would have re-emerged once again from his own ashes in a reincarnation that from a dark matrix would have led him to the creation of Heroes.

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The 1976 tour spread over 4 months, toured 12 countries; 25 stops in Europe alone; memorable that of Moscow (one of the very few artists at the time to have access to Red Square) and London, where it took place in Victoria Station, one of the episodes that helped fuel the legends around the artist. But above all in Germany, a moment that marked the perimeter of the genesis of the Berlin Trilogy: Low (1977), Heroes (1977) and Lodger (1979).

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