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Half a century of Hong Kong star training class: follow the northern trend, learn art first

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Original title: Hong Kong star training class for half a century: follow the northern trend, learn art first

China News Agency, Hong Kong, August 7th, topic: Hong Kong star training class for half a century: follow the northern trend of learning and first learn the heart

China News Agency reporter Han Xingtong

On the hottest days in Hong Kong this summer, in a training room in Tseung Kwan O TV Broadcasting City, there were three or four rows of boys and girls sitting in the middle of the two mirror walls. listen. There are also two screens in front of the training room, which visually connect the training sites in Malaysia and Guangzhou.

This is the 2022 TVB (Wireless Television) artist training class, with Chen Desen, who won the best director of the Hong Kong Film Awards for directing “October Besieged”, as the principal. This training class will start on July 18 and will last for 6 months. After that, the trainees will get internship opportunities such as performance and hosting provided by TVB, and are expected to sign contracts to become their artists.

Most of the audience who are familiar with Hong Kong-produced films have heard of this long-established training class. It has been more than half a century since its inception in 1971. Many stars are now shining in the entertainment industry, such as Chow Yun-fat, Stephen Chow, and Carina Lau. , Tony Leung, etc., all came out from here, and later propped up half of the Hong Kong film and television industry.

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TVB Assistant General Manager (Artist Management and Development) Le Yiling revealed in an exclusive interview with a reporter from China News Agency recently that TVB is recruiting students in the mainland for the first time this year. Malaysia, on the other hand, stood out with 16. For the first time, students from the three places took classes simultaneously through physical and online forms.

As one of the most important TV stations in Hong Kong, TVB needs to produce a large number of TV dramas, variety shows and news reports every year. In terms of episodes alone, it shoots more than 600 hours a year, so it needs a huge number of artists, “We have been using different Ways and platforms to recruit.” As for recruiting mainland artists, Le Yiling remembers that TVB tried it more than ten years ago, but with little success. “At that time, we trained mainland actors to come to Hong Kong for internships, but due to the problems of applying for work visas and language for them, there were not many people who could stay in the end.”

In the past ten years, the development and integration of the film and television industries of the two places has accelerated, and a large number of industry talents have gone north to develop. This trend has also affected the development of TVB. “The times have changed, and the acting career is no longer limited to Hong Kong. We need to face the mainland, Southeast Asia and overseas Chinese markets.” More and more episodes are filmed and filmed in the mainland, and the episodes have begun to accommodate more non-local elements. Therefore, the previous limitation has become an advantage at this moment. For example, in the past, it was required to be fluent in Cantonese, but now it is required to be fluent in Mandarin. Therefore, Le Yiling believes that it is time to train a group of artists who stay in the mainland, and they can participate in TVB’s filming in the mainland at any time when necessary.

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Le Yiling said frankly that “beautiful” has never been the only indicator for TVB to select artists. “We must select young people who are talented, talented, and have a heart to develop into the entertainment industry.” She gave an example of some people’s martial arts skills. Good, suitable for action movies; some people are humorous, suitable for comedy; some people are good, and they can develop into the direction of show hosts in the future. The courses of the training class will also be adapted to the “people”, focusing on exploring the advantages of the students.

In teaching, Chen Desen also paid special attention to cultivating teamwork among students. “TV movies are never the work of one person. Movies have opponents, camera angles, director’s instructions, and someone is responsible for makeup and hair. All are indispensable.” The experience varies. Some people have acted and participated in singing competitions, and some people have a blank sheet of paper. “Then you must do it with experience and inexperience.”

This is exactly in line with Le Yiling’s requirement of “learning the art first, learning the heart”, first to learn “artistic morality”, understand the duties of an actor, including being punctual, familiar with the script, “managing your own role”, respecting seniors, Don’t rely on helpers. The next step is professional skills and tricks such as acting, martial arts, and body use.

And this is also the professionalism presented by Hong Kong artists. “I heard many producers and directors say that actors from TVB can be filmed as soon as they are put in place (in place), and there is no need to slowly enter the film.” Erle What Yi Ling hopes most is that batch after batch of new performers can find their respective positions in the best moments of their lives, and they will shine in this position for a long time, making contributions to the Hong Kong film and television industry. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more

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