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If you want to make some changes in autumn, you only need to add some white toning! | Knitwear | Suits | Outerwear_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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If you want to make some changes in autumn, you only need to add some white toning! | Knitwear | Suits | Outerwear_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: If you want to make some changes in autumn, you only need to add a little white color!

The temperature gradually dropped, and the colors of many sisters’ clothes became darker. In autumn, if you want to say goodbye to boredom and don’t want to be too exaggerated, as long as you add more white to the shape, it’s ok!

A heroic style like Krystal is very suitable for both daily life and the workplace. The collocation of white shirt and jeans will not be too rigid, and it can also take into account leisure.

Pairing with a light pink bag adds a touch of soft color to the whole, making the overall atmosphere more relaxed. Like Krystal, a white shirt with a lower shoulder line and a slightly off-shoulder style will not look too formal and cramped, and it will be more comfortable for daily wear.

And Li Cailing treats loose shirts as coats, and wears a slim striped knitted sweater inside, which can also take into account both heroism and femininity. The lower body also chooses a light color of beige or beige, and the whole look is very refreshing and clean.

In addition to the jacket, in fact, white as the inner layer can also catalyze a very simple but very eye-catching effect. For example, with the same color as the color collar, the effect of turning inside and outside is also very good.

A simple old man’s vest with loose leather jacket and mommy jeans already has a casual retro feel of the 90’s, and then use sunglasses, necklaces, and belts to enhance the proportion of frame and metal feel, and go online immediately.

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Balancing a heavy coat for fall and winter with a softer, more feminine white interior is flattering and simple enough. For example, the good sisters Hailey and Kendall have the same love for this outfit. Whether it’s a large wide-shouldered suit or a crisp coat, with a slim-fitting white interior, it not only shows off the figure neatly, but also has a very relaxed sense of manhood.

Or a knitted sweater like Yang Caiyu is also very good. Unzip the zipper to adjust the shape of the neckline into a V shape, expand the exposure of the upper body, not only more comfortable and comfortable, but also visually does not make the long coat look too heavy.

A more advanced way to play is to use a white sweater as a shawl or a scarf. For wearing dark and monotonous clothes alone, this finishing touch is really crucial.

In fact, the matching of the same color is also very good, which will make the shape more layered.

Directly arranging suits is more suitable for novice operation, whether it is a retro printed denim suit, or a more comfortable and loose solid color, adding a self-cultivating white inner layer will not go wrong and will not be static – according to the style you want to present To choose the style of the collar, the overall temperament will change accordingly.

A white suit with a jacket is also very convenient. For example, the combination of a V-neck vest suit and a suit is very sexy. If you want to be more heroic, just add Martin boots and a belt and it’s ok.

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The best way to get started is to put the white T directly into the sweater/knitted sweater, and slightly expose the inner edge at the neckline and hem, which will make the simple sweater/knitted sweater more layered. Size or overall length can be adjusted.

And under the same idea, oversize white shirts and regular knitted sweaters can also collide with different sparks. Make ordinary knitted sweaters look no longer monotonous, and even more handsome. Pair it with a baseball cap and loose jeans for a completely different temperament.

If you want a little change, add some white to your wardrobe first!

Image source: ins, Weibo

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