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Prime 1 Studio: 1/3 Zach Directed “Justice League” – Bat Tank Statue_Zach Snyder_cm_movie

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Prime 1 Studio: 1/3 Zach Directed “Justice League” – Bat Tank Statue_Zach Snyder_cm_movie

Original title: Prime 1 Studio: 1/3 Zha directed “Justice League” – Battank Statue

Prime 1 Studio is delighted to bring you another amazing statue, another iconic vehicle from Zack Snyder’s Justice League: the MMJL-11DX Bat Tank DELUXE Edition!

The design of this version of the Bat Tank is taken directly from Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”, and it presents a formidable stance. It’s no coincidence that Zack Snyder’s creation of The Dark Knight draws heavily from the seminal graphic novel. However, the Battank in Zack Snyder’s Justice League looks much bigger than its inspiration.

At 36cm high, 71cm wide and 72cm deep, this bat tank from the Prime 1 Studio Museum Masterline collection is a majestic bat tank. In the comparison of Batman and several members of the mutant gang, it is easy to find that this tank is already a giant. The lighting of the LEDs highlights the intricate details of the entire statue, and the team of statue artists carefully studied the film and reference models so that they could be presented to us in stunning 3D. At the same time, after repeated attempts, the painting team finally created the most matching black, the most natural surface effect and the most perfect details for this statue. This giant car born from a bat looks so realistic .

The giant mechanical car is parked on a gravel road, and Batman stands silently on it, looking like he has driven into reality from a movie. Several mutant gang members sat aside, presumably they must have regretted their decision in their hearts. It’s a scene that was added to Schneider’s cut at the last minute, and it does have a stunning effect. It’s because of Zack Snyder’s insistence on Battank’s appearance in the movie that we got this precious opportunity to make its statue!

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To be sure, no batcave is complete without this MMJL-11DX bat tank from the Museum Masterline series! Book now! Add a new addition to the Zack Snyder Justice League figurine collection!


・Size (approx.): Height 36cm Width 71cm Depth 72cm

・(Including the upper Batman) Dimensions (approx.): Height 38cm Width 71cm Depth 72cm

・LED headlights

・1 Batman standing on top of Bat Tank (DX version only)

・1 bundle of mutant gang members (DX version only)

・Zack Snyder’s Justice League-themed stand

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