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“Saint Omer”, committed judicial drama to reflect

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“Saint Omer”, committed judicial drama to reflect

One of the most important debuts of the year: we are talking about “Saint Omer”, the first work in fiction cinema by Alice Diop, a French director of Senegalese origin who had already shown good hand with several documentaries, starting with the intense “Nous” of 2020.
The protagonist is the young writer Rama, who attends the trial of Laurence Coly, a woman accused of killing her fifteen-month-old daughter, abandoned at high tide on a beach in northern France. As the trial continues, the defendant’s words and the testimony of witnesses will come to upset the girl’s certainties.

Expert in “cinema of reality”, Alice Diop chooses fiction to make a film directly inspired by one of her experiences: the director had in fact witnessed a process inherent in the same terrible theme proposed in this dramatic feature film. Through a very rigorous style, the author transports us into the process in an engaging way, shocking the viewer with reflections on guilt and a series of moral dilemmas that unfold along the narrative: the audience thus becomes an active part, as if we were spectators in court who follow the whole complex story and the different testimonies.

“Saint Omer” and the other films of the week

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Great writing

The way the film is made, you can feel a certain redundancy, but the writing is so precise and engaging that it manages to perfectly overcome any possible limit. The staging gets ever closer to the faces of the defendants and witnesses throughout the film , as if he wanted us to slowly enter their thoughts and the motivations that led to such an extreme gesture. Despite the rigidity of the directorial system, the film always manages to excite and the credit also goes to the good work of the entire cast.

Among the surprises of this season, “Saint Omer” was presented in competition at the last Venice Film Festival, where it obtained two very important awards: the Grand Jury Prize and the title of best first film.

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Puss in Boots 2

Among the novelties in the room there is also the long-awaited “Puss in Boots 2”, a sequel to the 2011 film centered on one of the most loved characters in the “Shrek” saga. In this second chapter, the protagonist realizes that he has almost consumed all the lives available: he has only one left and, while death pursues him, he will find himself involved in a new adventure that will take him on an epic journey in search of the legendary Star of Wishes in the Black Forest.Enjoyable and fun, it is an even more successful film than the previous chapter: the narration is deeper and the entertainment is effective at the right point, as well as always supported by a series of ideas capable of making adults and children think. Among the most valid titles of recent years among those produced by DreamWorks Animation, “Puss in Boots 2” also works for the characterization of the many characters that the protagonist will meet along his journey.

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