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Yu Aoi Asian Film Awards Best Actress: Zhang Yimou won the best director for “One Second”-Movie-cnBeta.COM

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Recently, the 15th Asian Film Awards list was announced, and many Chinese films have been on the list. Among them, Zhang Yimou won the Best Director Award for “One Second”, and the new generation of seeking girl Liu Haocun also won the Best New Actor Award for her outstanding performance in this film.However, the most surprising thing is that the best actress in this film award turned out to be the famous Japanese actress Yu Aoi who performed well in the movie “The Spy’s Wife”.

Yu Aoi, born in 1985, graduated from Nihon University and is a famous Japanese actor and voice actor. The debut date can be traced back to the musical “Anne”, which was performed in 1999. She was a candidate for 10,000 people. She stood out and was selected to play the role of Polly. Later, she was chosen as the girl’s spokesperson for Mitsui Fudosan, and her beautiful image became a household name for a while.

The complete prize list is as follows:

Best movie: “The Spy’s Wife”

Best Director: Zhang Yimou “One Second”

Best Actor: Liu Yaren “Silent”

Best Actress: Yu Aoi, “The Spy’s Wife”

Best Supporting Actor: Kim Hyun Bin “Silent”

Best Supporting Actress: Caizhu Maita, “The Dawn Is Coming”

Best New Director: Hong Yiting “Silent”

Best New Actor: Liu Haocun “One Second”

Best Screenplay: Chaitanya Tamhani “The Apprentice”

Best Photography: Massoud Amini Tirani “The Wilderness”

Best Editing: Li Yongyi “Above the Cliff”

The best visual effects: “Eight Hundred” by Tim Crosby and Wu Yanran

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Best Art Director: Mai Guoqiang “Wisdom Teeth”

Best styling design: “The Spy’s Wife”

Best Audio: King Nopawatrikit “Wisdom Teeth”

Best Original Music: Dai Wei “Dance School 3”


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