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【Taiwan SpotCam BabyCam Baby Cam】with HD Lens – Yespick

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【Taiwan SpotCam BabyCam Baby Cam】with HD Lens – Yespick

Children have always been the treasures of their parents. Whether it is a newborn baby or a child of several years old, I believe that parents always want to stay by their side to look after them. Taiwan’s SpotCam BabyCam baby camera allows you to look at the situation at home when you go out to work. Even if the baby is sleeping in the room, you can see them through the camera in the living room. You can use the app to play lullabies and make remote calls to make your baby Peace of mind.

Taiwan SpotCam BabyCam Baby Camera It has a full HD 1080P lens, and can move 360 ​​degrees horizontally and tilt 90 degrees. It also has an 8x digital zoom function. Through the exclusive App, you can use your mobile phone to play lullabies or make remote calls to soothe your baby. The video will be transmitted to a permanent free Google 24-hour continuous cloud recording.

In terms of accessories, a flexible cable holder and magnetic base are included, which are suitable for a variety of installations, and support Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT smart home systems.

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