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After car sharing comes boat sharing

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After car sharing comes boat sharing

They are the first to do boat-sharing: this is how the startup – selected by the Invitalia call for the most innovative startups – E-Sea Sharing makes its debut, which through a dedicated app makes you experience the sea in a different way.

The electric boat will save Venice

So already starts this summer in three ports of Sardinia, then on the Amalfi Coast and in other locations in the Mediterranean – the service that offers a rental that is no longer necessarily daily, but that you pay only for the minutes of use: all boats are geolocated and in each port there is dedicated assistance.

E-Sea Sharing begins with the presence in strategic positions, near beaches that can only be reached by raft and proposes to abandon bookings in advance, the skipper, the unreachable costs, the long dies, the pre-established tours forever. In short, E-Sea Sharing is presented as a new concept of sea sharing mobility that allows you to rent your dinghy instantly, driving it safely and freely via an app. “We are ready – explained Giuseppe Labate, CEO of E-Sea Sharing – to bring a little big revolution in the world of maritime activities, industrializing the process of renting boats and making boating simpler and affordable for everyone. all this is possible we are completing our fundraising, also through a crowdfunding campaign on the Ecomill platform specialized in projects to enhance the environment and the territory. “

Amsterdam, the tests for the autonomous boat are underway

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