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Beware of eating pomegranate: here’s what can happen

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Beware of eating pomegranate: here’s what can happen

When we imagine a type of fruit, the first that comes to mind, the pomegranate is hardly the first to come to mind, even if it can undoubtedly be considered an extremely useful fruit, practically complete both from a nutritional point of view and from that of use. , being particularly variable, but not as widespread in Italian culture as it is for others, such as the Middle East. It is an apparently difficult fruit to peel, but the balance of benefits and side effects is decidedly favorable to the former.

Beware of eating pomegranate: here’s what can happen

It belongs to the Punica granatum species, belonging to the Lythraceae family and the fruit was already well known among the Greeks and Romans, even if the plant that develops it seems to be native to the area between the Middle East and the Indian continent.

It is a fruit particularly rich in carbohydrates and proteins, while lactose, gluten and histamine are not present and the consumption of pomegranate does not change the body’s cholesterol management, indeed it has a high antioxidant power and therefore is recommended in the diet for diabetics. .

The consumption of this fruit is also particularly suitable for improving cardiovascular health thanks to the aforementioned antioxidant and anticoagulant, which is useful for counteracting cell aging. It is also used in the form of compresses but also supplements to improve the appearance of skin and hair.

Some studies not yet scientifically confirmed have shown some effectiveness as an anticancer food.

Among the side effects, which occur naturally in people suffering from allergic reactions and can be manifested in dizziness, headache, drowsiness and difficulty in breathing. Consumption is also not recommended by those who follow a particular regimen of drugs such as anticoagulants as well as for those who have had some form of recent surgery.

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Any planned consumption, if we are allergic and intolerant, must necessarily be endorsed by the doctor’s advice.


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