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D-Orbit joins Breeze Holdings Acquisition and goes public

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A giant is born in the space satellite transport sector for commercial and institutional clients: D-Orbit, market leader in space logistics, will join Breeze Holdings Acquisition. The new company will be listed on the stock exchange with a value of approximately 1.28 billion dollars.

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Not only that: to help D-Orbit’s next phase of growth, Breeze Holdings and D-Orbit will partner with The Charles F. Bolden Group (“The Bolden Group”), a consortium of companies with extensive space and aerospace experience. The Bolden Group was founded in 2017 by Charles F. Bolden Jr., a retired astronaut, Marine Corps major general and NASA’s 12th administrator, precisely to promote the advancement of science and safety in space.

After the closing of the operation, D-Orbit will continue to be led by its founders Luca Rossettini and Renato Panesi and one of its flagships, from a technological point of view, is a flexible and economical satellite delivery solution in orbit, the “Ion Satellite Carrier” which offers several advantages. The first is being able to place satellites into orbit faster (and this reduces the time from launch to generating revenue for customers) and then being able to deploy multiple constellations of satellites in multiple orbits within a single mission, and this too can significantly reduce mission costs. Not only that: the technology of the “Ion Satellite Carrier” also allows to reduce the need for reserve satellites and that of production costs since it aggregates more payloads, thus allowing fewer launches.

D-Orbit is also developing additional capabilities, including those designed to support the emerging cloud edge computing market. In October 2021, D-Orbit successfully completed a first orbital test of its space cloud infrastructure designed to deliver high-performance distributed data analytics, compute and storage capabilities.

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