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From iPhones to Macs, to VR headsets: all the Apple news on the way

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From iPhones to Macs, to VR headsets: all the Apple news on the way

Apple is gearing up for a hot autumn, with a long line of new products hitting stores before the end of 2022. According to well-informed sources from Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), for the Cupertino company the next 6 months will be the most dense period of news ever. It starts with the new iPhones, arriving in late summer / early autumn, and continues with the iPad and new Macs with M2 chip, Apple Watch in at least 3 versions distinct, updates for AirPods and HomePods and perhaps even the awaited viewer for augmented and virtual reality, whose contours are beginning to better outline.


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The new iPhones 14

The debut of the new generation iPhones is expected, as usual, for the end of summer or the beginning of autumn. The new models will be 4: iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max with 6.7 “screen which will replace the Mini, and the two iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. According to Gurman’s sources, the A16 chip will arrive on the iPhone 14 Pro, while the base models will keep the A15 of the iPhone 13. Still on the high-end models, Apple it will bring a 48MP photo sensor, narrower bezels and an improved front camera. One of the most visible innovations, however, will be the always-on displaywhich will allow you to view the time, battery level and other useful information on the screen that can be customized thanks to the new iOS 16 widgets.

The iPhone 14 will also keep the Lightning connector: the USB-C socket will (probably) arrive on later models, starting from 2023. Finally, there are conflicting opinions on the timing: many analysts agree that the anti-Covid lockdowns in China may have slowed production of at least one iPhone 14 model. In the next two months, however, the factories of Foxconn and other suppliers should be able to make up for lost time to avoid a postponement at the end of October, as happened in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.

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iPad: USB-C e chip M2

The USB-C socket will arrive this year instead even on the entry-level iPad, the only model that still retains the Lightning port. The 10th generation iPad will be updated in the fall not only with the new socket, but also with the A14 Bionic chip, the same as the previous generation iPad Air. However, it is not yet clear whether it will keep the same old design with Touch ID or if it will be aligned with all the other Apple tablets.

In the autumn, Apple also plans to bring the M2 chip, presented at the WWDC in early June, also on two new iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 ”. With this addition, iPads capable of running Stage Manager (the new multitasking of iPadOS 16 with floating windows) will go up to 5, if you count the iPad Air and the two Pros with M1 chips. On the design front, no particular novelties are planned: the lines will remain the same as the current models, while according to Gurman a super iPad Pro with increased dimensions and displays of sizes between 14 and 15 inches could arrive in 2023.

The new Mac computers

In addition to the iPad Pro, the M2 chip will also arrive on a number of new Macs, including the Mini. According to Bloomberg sources, the second phase of the transition of Macs to Apple chips will go much faster. An M2 Pro version could arrive already this year, right on the Mini, while in the following months and in the first half of 2023 the M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra and M2 processors could already debut. even an M2 Extreme. The more powerful versions of the M2 will be implemented on the high-end MacBook Pro and Mac Mini.

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Here, however, the timing is less clear: it is reasonable to expect an update of the Mac Mini (the last one at the M1 is at the end of 2020), while it seems unlikely that already this year Apple can update the high-end MacBook Progiven that the versions with the increased M1s date back only to October 2021. More likely an update with the higher versions of the M2 chips at the beginning of the year, if not even the Wwdc 2023.

Instead, no news about a possible update of the iMacs, which would also be in range for the switch to M2 chips. A Pro version of the all-in-one seems out of the questionbecause that type of setup and usage range is currently covered by the Mac Studio-Studio Display combination.


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The (elusive) AR / VR viewer

According to Bloomberg sources, the all-rounder M2 chip could also end up in the first version of the elusive Apple viewer for the so-called mixed reality, in the basic version but with 16 GB of RAM. The product competitor of Facebook’s Oculus it would be the first step for Apple towards a definition of its own metaverse. Traces of a possible operating system for the viewer, called RealityOS, have been found in portions of code uploaded to GitHub and in some Apple Store upload logs already in recent months.

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At the moment it is difficult to pinpoint a plausible debut date. Although one presentation by the end of 2022 is not to be excludedit seems more likely that the new product will have to wait at least the first half of 2023.

Apple Watch

The arrival of the Apple Watch 8 series is practically certain: according to Bloomberg, there will be 3 models, all equipped with a new S8 chip that will more or less maintain functions similar to the S7, without particular revolutions. There SE version will gain the most powerful chip, but will not change in size and design; immediately above the new SE there will be the standard model, the Apple Watch Series 8, on whose characteristics, however, not much is known yet; according to the sources, the real novelty will be the introduction of a rugged modelthat is, more resistant and designed for those who do extreme sports.

New headphones, HomePod, Apple TV

Finally, it is expected that Apple will be able to present still others news for accessories and services. In particular, according to Bloomberg, between now and the end of the year we will see:

  • a new Apple TVwhich will have an extra gigabyte of RAM and above all will pass from the A12 chip to the A14, improving performance and fluidity of the interface;

  • the new earphones AirPods Proequipped with a more powerful chip and with higher quality audio support;

  • a new HomePodwith S8 chip (the same as the Apple Watch), dimensions and design more similar to those of the first HomePod and a new display – perhaps multitouch – on the top of the device.

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