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From Urban Fitness comes bioelectric training with the hi-tech suit

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From Urban Fitness comes bioelectric training with the hi-tech suit

The new digital technology is also changing the world of fitness, as in the case of Urban Fitness – an Italian fast training company founded in 2014 with 60 directly managed and franchised centers and over 9,000 members – which signed an exclusive agreement for the Italy, with the German company Symbiont for an innovative bio-electrical fitness system thanks to a special training suit, the Symbiont Tech Suit, which measures and records, in real time, physiological data and the main parameters of the body during activity motor skills, obtaining a personalized EMS training system (with muscle electrostimulation) that is more intense, and therefore shorter, than a traditional one.

In the company’s fitness boutiques – which expects to close in 2022 with over 10 million euros in revenues, up 20% – customers carry out one-to-one training sessions with personal trainers who undergo a training period in the Urban Fitness Academy. The Urban Fitness Ems method is certified, in terms of efficacy and safety, by a research carried out in collaboration with the University of Tor Vergata in Rome.

The new system – which joins the tools already used in Urban Fitness centres, such as the Vacutherm, the D-wall and the Akuis – was developed by Roger Pierenkemper, founder of Symbiont and CEO of the Schwa-Medico group: «This technology – he explains – it has already been adopted in Europe by about 500 centers and 65 thousand customers. Our goal is to reach over 500,000 users within the next four years».

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Federico Servadio, CEO and co-founder of Urban Fitness, adds: «In addition to the personalization character that distinguishes this technology, the experience of the customer who will train in Urban Fitness centers with the Symbiont Tech Suit will improve exponentially. Each customer will have his own personal Symbiont suit; it is a wireless system which, therefore, will guarantee greater comfort and will allow for much more dynamic training programs».

For fitness entrepreneurs and personal trainers interested in opening their own business, the company has developed two turnkey franchising formulas, with complete assistance in all structural and technical aspects as well as strategic, marketing and tax consultancy support . Furthermore, «by inserting the Symbiont innovation, UrbanFitness partners will be able to enjoy the tax relief provided for by the law relating to the tax credit for investments in capital goods of the national transition 4.0 plan» underlines Servadio.

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