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“Harmful health effects of secondhand smoke”

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“Harmful health effects of secondhand smoke”

Electronic cigarettes, there is an association between exposure to secondhand smoke from nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and an increased risk of developing respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, difficulty breathing well, or bronchitis. This is the figure that emerges from the congress of the Italian Society for Childhood Respiratory Diseases (Simri) which took place in Palermo, Sicily.

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Electronic cigarettes, passive smoking risk factor

In addition to the already known and growing data suggesting that e-smoking represents a risk factor, even in healthy subjects who do not use traditional cigarettes, for the development of respiratory symptoms such as obstruction of the bronchi and cough, was recently published in the journal scientific Thorax the first scientific work that demonstrates in a sample of more than 2000 between adolescents and young adults. “This data does not surprise us and was widely awaited – explains Dr. Maria Elisa Di Cicco, research pediatrician and Simri adviser – since the presence of toxic compounds in the indoor air of the homes of electronic cigarette users had already been reported. such as PM2.5 PM10, nicotine and volatile organic compounds. However, these new evidences confirm the need not to use these devices at home, especially if children and adolescents are present, also to avoid the imitation effect, already well described for the traditional cigarette “.

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E-cigarettes in pregnancy

“We must also emphasize that the use should be strongly discouraged even in pregnant women – adds the President of Simri, Professor Fabio Midulla – since data are beginning to emerge that associate the use of electronic cigarettes in pregnancy with the birth of babies. of low weight “. The growing number of users is also a cause for concern, with estimates of around 80 million people worldwide by 2023 (20 million in 2012) and with a market that could soon overtake that of traditional cigarettes. In Europe, Eurobarometer data report that 1 in 7 citizens has tried e-cigs at least once. In Italy, data from the Ministry of Health show that occasional or regular users of electronic cigarettes are already more than one million (2.4% of the population).

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