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In a world without cookies, spending on social networks is growing

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In a world without cookies, spending on social networks is growing

Fortune 500 marketing experts say the change in the cookie management leads to an increase in social spending.

Organic research and the social media marketing are the most commonly used channels by Fortune 500 marketers, according to a study by the Loyalty Research Center. They are also perceived as the channels most affected by the trend against cookies, as well as the channels to which marketers are more likely to spend more in their next two years.

The survey, conducted with Rep Data, of over 175 Fortune 500 marketing leaders across multiple verticals and distribution models (B2B / B2C / B2B2C), looked at the most popular marketing channels and the impact a cookie-free future will have on of them. According to the results, organic search / SEO and social media marketing are the most prevalent, with 86% of respondents using them. Not far behind, 8 out of 10 use paid search / SEM.

In addition to investments on social media and in SEO Most respondents use Ott advertising (57%), email marketing (54%), events / trade shows / conferences (54%), partnership marketing (53%) and influencer marketing (51%). Lower down, offline / direct mail ads (27%), programmatic ad networks (26%), and podcasts (22%) last.

The report indicates that marketers see a big impact on their core channels from the trend against cookies. Two in 3 (67%) say the trend has had a strong impact on social media marketing, while another 28% say it has had a medium impact. Similarly, nearly all of them found a high (64%) or medium (31%) impact on organic search and paid search (54% and 42%, respectively). Based on these dynamics, more than 8 out of 10 respondents (82%) expect to increase their spending on paid research / SEM. And while fewer (73%) plan to increase their organic search / SEO spending, this is the channel for which the majority of respondents (41%) plan to significantly increase their spending.

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Podcasts are not only the least used currently but are also those for which the lowest increase in advertising investments is expected. After all, the flop of Clubhouse and the withdrawal of Facebook from audio, after only 10 months from the launch, are a clear signal in this sense.

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