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More humane technologies in the name of ease of use

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People, in the dual role of company employee and consumer, now have more “human” technological devices and environments at their disposal, capable of overcoming cultural limits and instrumental barriers. But, at the same time, a new awareness has led technology providers to accrue greater responsibility. In fact, innovation today is developed with an eye to man, the environment and society as a whole.

Breaking down the barriers between people and technology is the ultimate goal of a leading company like Acer. For some years now, the development of its products has had only one goal: to help bridge the digital divide and create positive impacts on the environment, on corporate governance and on the entire product distribution chain.

In particular, Acer has activated various programs aimed at raising the awareness of all corporate stakeholders (customers, suppliers and partners), with the aim of carrying out concrete actions in support of the environment and in support of social sustainability. The activities are distributed between a better internal governance from a CSR perspective, a more responsible supply chain, innovation and sustainable services and the utmost attention to the environment and social issues. To date, Acer has already invested more than $ 56 million globally in philanthropy and community engagement projects.

How Acer improves the usability of its products

Concrete actions and new technologies respectful of the environment and society and aimed at providing a more fluid user experience. Small innovations applied to the individual components, which together make a great contribution to the “humanization” of technology.

BlueLightShield Pro Eyesafe® emit approximately 30% less high-energy blue light than standard LCDs

Take Acer Vision Care, for example, the complete vision protection suite that improves the user experience, protects users’ eyes and saves electricity. Acer’s attitude to create technology designed to protect the user is also manifested by the use of specific antimicrobial solutions for the surface of the chassis, the touchscreen, the top cover, the keyboard and the touchpad. In particular, with the silver ion coating (Ag +) microbes and bacteria are reduced to a minimum in compliance with the JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196 test protocols.

Also with this in mind, it is worth mentioning the cooling functions such as the LiquidLoop system which uses liquid evaporation and condensation to better dissipate heat, with beneficial effects in terms of noise and dust reduction. Same goal for the AeroBlade exclusives. These are fans with the thinnest fins in the world (just 0.1 mm) that promote greater airflow and that, thanks to the DustDefender technology, move dust and heat away from the device.

Still in terms of better usability, in addition to secure access to the device via fingerprint and Cortana voice management provided by Microsoft, Acer devices offer eye tracking technology in the Predator line models that allows you to control the device even by glance. . Finally, the Acer Care Center software suite also offers a valid support to the user by providing a wide range of services, checks and updates to keep the Acer device in perfect working order.

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