Home Health NASA “Curiosity” photographed a pistol on the surface of ancient technology relics on Mars | NASA | Mars | Ancient technology |

NASA “Curiosity” photographed a pistol on the surface of ancient technology relics on Mars | NASA | Mars | Ancient technology |

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NASA “Curiosity” photographed a pistol on the surface of ancient technology relics on Mars | NASA | Mars | Ancient technology |

[Voice of Hope, August 15, 2022](Editor: Guo Xiao)Humans have never stopped exploring space, and the focus of space exploration is to detect the near-Earth object Mars. In fact, apart from the moon, the planet with a more similar environment to the earth is Mars, so scientists have been exploring the conditions for extraterrestrial life on Mars. For nearly half a century, people have discovered many strange objects on Mars, such as Martian cannonballs, Martian women, Martian pyramids, Martian skulls, spacecraft fragments, etc. Behind these magical photos may be the remains of pre-Mars civilization. People can deny it completely, which also shows that the choice of human beings is correct. NASA has a lot of probes in outer space, the most famous and most talked about is the “Curiosity” probe on Mars.

UFO experts claim it is a part of an alien spacecraft (Image: NASA)

NASA regularly publishes various photos taken by the Curiosity rover when it probed the surface of Mars, but most of them are bland images. But recently NASA has rarely exposed a series of pictures, and UFO enthusiasts have found shocking things from these officially released photos! The “Curiosity” rover originally photographed a large number of relics of ancient Mars technology. This photo was taken by the “Curiosity” Mars rover’s left navigation camera B in the Sol1508 area of ​​Mars. A UFO expert was the first to notice the unusualness of the photo, claiming that it was a part of an alien spacecraft that was used to clamp the vehicle, possibly from a Mars-made spacecraft or other Left behind by a UFO that passed by Mars.

Not long ago, the UFO Daily also wrote: “No matter what this is, it must be left by the technology of alien species.” And the following picture is also officially released by NASA, which is different from the one above, In this one, you can clearly see a pistol-like object in the middle and a slightly larger part next to it. “The evidence on the photo speaks, and in addition to seeing the trigger, the shape of the gun is also very clear.” Taken in the Slo3773 area between the mountains on the surface of Mars. The UFO enthusiast believes that he believes the object in the photo must be a pistol, and that the lumpy object on the right is the twisted remains of an alien spacecraft, which may have been dropped on Mars after the alien spacecraft crashed.

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Engine parts of alien spaceships
What looks like an engine part for an alien spacecraft (Image: NASA)

However, the item, which looks more like a metal part, was found in Gale Crater on Mars and may be an engine part for an alien spacecraft. It is speculated that this guy has been left here for nearly a million years, so many people believe that this must be the product of alien technological civilization. As these evidences continue to emerge, more and more people believe that alien civilizations once appeared on Mars. Experts also said that whether there is life on Mars or whether there was a high degree of civilization in the history of Mars needs further research. But it is believed that as the area explored on Mars becomes larger and larger, the mysteries on the red planet will eventually be gradually revealed.

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