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Professor Luigi Pardelli has disappeared

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Professor Luigi Pardelli has disappeared

With over seventy years of activity it was the veteran of the Pisan doctors, the eldest member of the order. Professor Luigi Pardelli, a well-known and esteemed pediatrician, who had visited and treated thousands of children, has disappeared, they are not Pisans, but come to Pisa from all over Tuscany. The doctor had been one of the cornerstones of the city ​​pediatric school and an appreciated professor of our university; his activity was then continued almost to the end in his private surgery.

He would have reached the century in 2023, a goal he jokingly emphasized that he wanted to reach, but in recent years he had obviously succumbed to the weight of age and lately his conditions had become very fragile. A life path fully accomplished and made up of many professional successesdue not only to his skill and clinical ability, but also and above all to an out of the ordinary sensitivity, to the great empathy and the ability to relate that he was able to establish with his little patients.

Professor Pardelli is survived by his wife, Rosanna Piegaia, his daughter Isabella, an anesthetist, and his nephew Francesco Pellerei, an engineer. THE funerals they will take place on Saturday 10 December at 9 in the church of the Misericordia cemetery, in via Pietrasantina, in whose chapels the funeral chamber will be set up on the afternoon of Friday 9 December.

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