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So in Pavia they produce the aeroponic salad

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So in Pavia they produce the aeroponic salad

L’agritech is the strong point of the Pavia scene. One of the most interesting startups, Localgreen, has recently started the scale-up phase in the area. Simbiosi is also supporting it, a company specialized in the creation of smart districts at the service of the territory and the industrial supply chain that has also launched a singular creature: theInnovation Center Giulio Natta di Giussago, a sort of company laboratory. Localgreen, it was said: vertical farming in aeroponics. In times of extreme drought and urgent need for new solutions for sustainable agriculture, a turning point. Just like the more famous Planet Farms in Brianza does, but with a different method that is still in the patent phase: with green walls and not on vertical shelves. The company, founded in 2019, grows its salads in structures that allow urban production 365 days a year, saving 95% of water and feeding 40% of the needs with photovoltaic panels on the roof and in the surroundings. . In the new warehouse of the Innovation Center it will be able to produce at least 100,000 bags of salad per week. Since April 25,000 have arrived in many Coop stores.


10 years from the startup law. Thus was born the new economy in Italy

by Arcangelo Rociola

“The situation of startups in the Pavia area remains interesting: the period of Covid has accelerated some processes and on the market there have remained realities of very strong potential that are reaping the benefits of a silent, long and structured work” he confirms Tommaso Mazzocchipresident of the Technological Pole of Paviaanother of the local references for innovation, where numerous companies are located: from Mind the Bridgewhich also has offices in London and San Francisco, a Nubetechwhich develops solutions in the nutrition sector up to Etichubwhich offers consultancy and development of sustainable cosmetic products.

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the hub

In Trieste the wind of innovation is blowing strongly

by Alessio Nisi

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