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The contents in Italian that have created the most engagement on Instagram

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Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram and former head of the News Feed, and the whole team are working hard to revive Instagram which obviously has more than a few problems. It is no coincidence that the numbers of users of the social photo and video platform have not been disclosed for about two years.

In an attempt to give a precise identity, and fight the overwhelming power of TikTok, last week the social photo and video platform introduced many new features, including that of finally being able to post photos and videos of less than a minute duration directly from the computer. .

According to the latest data available, Instagram would be the third social platform in Italy with just under 29 million unique monthly users. But what do people do when they use Instagram?

To try to answer the question, we analyzed the posts that generated the most engagement on Instagram in the last month.

Well the absolute dominators for involvement are the band of the moment, the Maneskin, who place five posts, plus a sixth of Damiano David, the singer of the rock group. The first of the five posts has totaled more than two million likes and over 20 thousand comments, while that of the launch of their new single, and related video, gets almost 1.5 million likes, more than 5 thousand comments and about 2.2 million views, plus about five million views on YouTube.

In addition to the Maneskins, Michele Morrone, actor and singer, and Fedez generate the highest level of engagement on Instagram.

In short, it is entertainment that reigns supreme, even if a constant emerges from our analyzes, including this one: after 100 interactions, practically always, for any subject and / or sector we analyze, we verify that the likes weigh between 95 and 99% of interactions. Instagram is the end of conversations. A useless showcase in which engagement is measured by shots of equally useless likes. Which we do not like even a little and that remains the problem to be solved for the very fashion social network.


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