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“Very contagious”: Pregliasco’s truth about Omicron 2 and 3

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“Very contagious”: Pregliasco’s truth about Omicron 2 and 3

The situation remains largely under control but the sub-variants of Omicron, if possible, they would be even more contagious than the original variant. He affirmed it Fabrizio Pregliascomedical director of the Irccs Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute in Milan, interviewed by “Un giorno da pecora” on Rai Radio1. “The new Omicron variants, 2 and 3 are very contagious, much more than the first “. What will happen from April 1st, when the anti-Covid restrictions will be definitively relaxed? “The taps must not be opened instantly, it would be better if the use of the Green Pass and other restrictions still remained and were gradually removed from March 31st“, adds the expert.

“You need common sense”

Even if the infections increase, the hospital situation does not register criticality at the moment even if for two days there has been a slight increase in patients admitted to ordinary wards. Thanks to the vaccines and Omicron’s less aggression on the lungs, the infection is not the one that hit the world two years ago. However, Pregliasco preaches caution. “We reopen with common sense because we will see the effects of this rise in a fortnight. If the ICU data and mortality were to go back – explained the expert – then different arguments will have to be made about maintaining more caution“.

So Omicron circulates

As we discussed in Giornale.it, there are at least four reasons why there is an increase in infections in Italy: the “relaxation effect”, poor vaccination coverage among children, the delay in boosters and, as mentioned, the greatest infectivity of subvariants by Omicron. Its first version, the BA.1, is decreasing due to the pressure of the BA.1.1 present for 36% and the BA.2 equal to 5%. A third sub-variant, BA.3, is presently only minimally present. “Omicron took the plunge and was able to infect the vaccinated as well. Let’s not forget that the vaccines are calibrated on the first coronavirus, the Chinese one‘”, explained a Republic Fausto Baldanti, virologist of the San Matteo di Pavia.

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Vaccination coverage

Speaking of Covid vaccination, “after a certain time it does not expire but the protection fades: let’s say that I who took the third dose in November today have 40% protection against contagion and 80% on the most serious forms“, recalled Pregliasco live on Radio 1. To explain the, hopefully temporary, increase in infections, the medical director explains that the inversion of the curve that draws the trend of new Covid cases in Italy”a bit uneasy, actually, because for example the data from Germany do not give us hope” e “England is accelerating on fourth doses of the vaccine“. Still soon, however, to get caught up in unmotivated anxiety: it will take a few days to understand if the increase will continue or if it will have been only a flash in the pan.

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