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Coronavirus, the revolt of the Sardinian mayors for last minute tampons

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Overwork for the local health authorities, but also many tasks unloaded on the municipalities. Nanni Campus: “Screening is fine and keeping schools closed can be useful but we must not damage the vaccination campaign”

SASSARI. Like a child thrown into the water by his father who uses a drastic method to make the little one learn to swim quickly, the Sardinian health system has set in motion for the screening campaign aimed at the school world and “ordered” by the president of the Region on the eve of the Epiphany, when the Christmas holidays were about to end. Many have floundered, some tried to keep afloat. Nobody liked the timing, even if at the top of the Sardinian health care, just appointed, no one protests. A certain tension is perceived only between the lines of some press releases: “The ASL of Sassari and Gallura – reads a press release – even within the limits of very short times and the lack of human resources have organized points of execution of the antigenic swabs” . And so, more or less, they all tried to do. Even if the Solinas order, addressed mainly to the local health authorities, ended up involving (or overwhelming) the mayors. In fact yesterday the discontent among the first Sardinian citizens was rampant.

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