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Major breakthrough of Zhejiang University: “Broken Mirror and Reunion” Comes True-Scientific Exploration-cnBeta.COM

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“Broken Mirror Reunion” is a well-known idiom story. It tells that when Chen of the Southern Dynasty was about to perish, Xu Deyan broke a bronze mirror and held half of it with his wife, Princess Lechang, as a token of faith. Later, half of the mirror was used as a clue to get married Reunion. The ending of the story is perfect, but can Broken Mirror really be “reunited” seamlessly?


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Maybe from a macro point of view, the two half mirrors are combined into one, but in fact there are still many cracks and voids inside, and the rounded mirror is easy to break again.

Today, the top international journal “Science” published an article of Zhejiang University’s research results, which can really make the broken mirror “reunited” consistently!

The latest research by Professor Tang Ruikang from the Department of Chemistry of Zhejiang University and researcher Liu Zhaoming found that the fusion of amorphous calcium carbonate particles can be achieved by regulating the internal structural water content and external pressure of amorphous calcium carbonate particles.

This strategy of using the structural properties of the material to promote mass transfer overcomes the shortcomings of traditional sintering and provides a new method for preparing inorganic bulk materials, especially an important preparation strategy.

The new discovery is expected to become a new avenue for material synthesis. Because the calcium carbonate block material made by the new preparation mode has a continuous structure, its optical transparency and mechanical properties are very good, the hardness is 2.739 GPa, and the elastic modulus is 49.672. GPa, these properties are better than most cement-based block materials, and even similar to those of calcite single crystals.

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Moreover, this method does not require high temperature, so it is relatively quick and convenient to prepare. “If the required pressure can be reduced in the future, it will be closer to practical applications.”

The paper review experts believe that: “This novel and innovative research has potential leading significance for the design of new ceramics and ceramic/organic composite materials, and has important value for improving the mechanical properties of materials, especially for heat-sensitive materials.”


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