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New York Commemorates the 33rd Anniversary of June 4th, People Shout “Eradicate the CCP” | 33rd Anniversary | Flushing | Student Movement

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New York Commemorates the 33rd Anniversary of June 4th, People Shout “Eradicate the CCP” | 33rd Anniversary | Flushing | Student Movement

[Epoch Times, June 5, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Dan New York reported) Flushing in Queens, New York City, known as the largest Chinese gathering place in the eastern United States, is known as the new New York Chinatown.In the June 4 massacre33On the occasion of the anniversary, the “Christian Justice League” held a rally and parade “Commemorating the June 4th Eradication of the CCP” in Flushing, New York, known as the “Capital of Overseas Chinese” on the afternoon of June 4, calling on people to work together to end the CCP Tyranny, eradicate the CCP.

At a rally in Flushing to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of June 4, a banner reading “End the Devil of the CCP” was displayed. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)
At the rally, the banner “End the Devil of the CCP” was displayed. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)
The rally carried a banner that read “Clear the source of the CCP virus.” (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)
The rally carried a banner that read “Clear the source of the CCP virus.” (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

In front of the Flushing Library, the attendees shouted “Eight and Nine” give me back my freedom no more fear June Fourth Scream natural rights Swear not to be a slave” “Clear the CCP The source of the virus” and “End the Devil of the CCP” and other banners.

All participants first1989In pursuit of freedom and democracy in the pro-democracy movement in 2009, he was killed by the CCPThe dead mourned.Shao Jun, head of the Christian Justice Alliance, led the prayer, saying that under the influence of the evil specter of the CCP, the land of China is full of various sins, and it has fallen into a hell on earth where moral conscience has been lost. I hope that the Chinese people will wake up and will no longer be afraid and will no longer be feared. Evil parties cut leeks.

1989year4Since mid-March, Beijing university students, workers, and people from all walks of life have rallied and demonstrated in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, demanding freedom of speech and the press, fighting corruption, and anti-government. for “counter-revolutionary riots”.6moon3night to4During the day and day, the “martial law troops” were ordered to carry out a forceful clearing of the field, crushing them with tanks, firing machine guns, and bloody suppression.

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Shao Jun, head of the Christian Justice League, said in a speech that he hopes the Chinese people will wake up and will no longer be deceived by the CCP. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)
Zhou Fengsuo, the leader of the 1989 student movement, said in a speech that the existence of the CCP regime is a disaster for the Chinese people. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

1989Zhou Fengsuo, who was a fourth-year student in the Department of Physics at Tsinghua University, set up Tsinghua University Student Broadcasting Station and Tiananmen Square “Voice of the Student Movement” during the student movement, participated in organizing demonstrations, and was ranked among 21 wanted student movement leaders. fifth. Speaking at the rally, Zhou Fengsuo said that this was the “greatest honor in his life” and the beginning of his “going down the road (to pursue democracy and freedom).”

Zhou Fengsuo said that he still does not know how many people died on June 4. Every year, people tell him stories of new victims. The youngest victims he knows are only9“A regime like the Communist Party of China cannot be allowed to exist for a day; the existence of such a regime is a disaster for the Chinese people and a disaster for the whole world.” He said that what the victims of June 4th seek is the basic human rights of all people , People living in Flushing today should cherish the freedom and rights that the Chinese in mainland China do not have.

from1989Since the beginning of the pro-democracy movement in5time, passed16Zhang Lin, a Chinese dissident who was wrongfully imprisoned in 2008, said, “Someone asks if freedom and democracy can be eaten? I say with certainty: Yes.” During the Great Famine, tens of millions of people starved to death because there was no freedom, not even the freedom to beg for food. None; Shanghai’s just experienced the nightmare of “zeroing out”, making Shanghainese living like prisoners and starving with houses worth tens of millions of yuan. As for starvation and sickness.”

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The old democracy movement Ni Yuxian1962In the same year, Mao Zedong was expelled from the army when he demanded reform of rural policies.1976In the same year, he was sentenced to death by the CCP.He said at the rally that the CCP’s rule is the darkest in Chinese history, and the CCP is the most evil regime that deprives all Chinese people of human rights and freedom. , “inexhaustible”, “nothingfar and wide”, “everything can be used to the extreme”.

Ni Yuxian said that the CCP uses various names toKilled an unknown number of Chinese compatriots. Every movement said that what it suppressed was the enemy of the people. If the people did not suffer from it, they would think that the suppression was justified. Most people in China were blinded by it and did not know the regime. The essence of it is anti-people; the June 4 massacre revealed that the relationship between the CCP and the people is the enemy and the oppressed.

Zhang Qing, chairman of China‘s women’s rights group, said, “The vigorous democracy movement was suppressed by the CCP with machine gun tanks, and the bodies run over by the tanks were cleaned overnight.”33Over the years, the CCP has more brazenly persecuted dissidents, human rights defenders, religious believers, Falun Gong groups, Uyghurs, Hong Kong and Tibetans.

Zhang Qing announced2020A letter from Li Zhuoren, the former chairman of the Hong Kong “Stake”, who organized a large-scale candlelight night mourning in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park every year.Li Zhuoren said that this is his second year in prison, and he will “never forget his original intention, remember the truth, and stick to his ideals” and fast like last year1day, night8Lighting the light of a match, “recalling the thousands of candlelights in (Hong Kong) Victoria Park over the years” from the light, “returning to the original patriotic heart of loving the people and democracy, so that I have the strength to persevere”; and he For the hope in his heart, he has put his life aside; looking at the sick motherland, he has let go of everything that belongs to him; he believes that as long as “the benevolent side of human nature is not destroyed, evil will not prevail over justice.”

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Democrats Xue Mingde and Cai Guihua also made speeches.

After the rally, the crowd marched from the Flushing Library to Northern Avenue, chanting the slogan “Commemorate June 4th, eradicate the CCP; Commemorate June 4th, clear the CCP”, which attracted the attention of many passers-by and took pictures.

After the rally, the crowd marched in downtown Flushing, attracting people to watch and take pictures. (Lin Dan/Epoch Times)

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